An Awesome Author Event (+ Books Bought)

If you remember a little while ago I mentioned I was going to see Mo Willems with Michael. Well today was the day. Michael was super excited and constantly kept asking if it was time to go yet and not to forget his book to get signed.

Which I did remember to put in my purse and he did get it signed.

We were shocked when we walked in to the book store because the place was packed and they were handing out numbers for what group you would be in when he signed the books. I was in group number two. Not exactly sure how many were in each group and we were only allowed to have one non bought book signed (meaning if it wasn’t bought at Babar you were allowed only one)

Going to author events like this I like to support the store (especially this great indie bookstore near me) and the author so I bought:

Some how Michael also managed to convince us to get him:

If you have read his Knuffle Bunny books you will recognize this as the Knuffle Bunny. This is his new best friend.

Sadly while I was stuck in line paying for the books and the Knuffle Bunny, Mo began his readings, which Michael was down stairs to listen (and he got a great spot in front thanks to the staff who made sure all the kids could see Mo) and I forgot to give my camera to him so I don’t have any recordings from this event. Which is really to bad because I did get to hear him and he is awesome. He is very animated and into his books.

He read:

This isn’t my video I found it on YouTube but I thought I would share this so you can see exactly what he is like when he is doing a reading.

He was amazing with the kids and after he each story he would allow a mini Q&A and he always had a funny story and/or comment. One question that was asked was something about writting and his books and he said “One word–Mortgage!” The adults laughed at this one.

This is only my second children’s author book event and it was hands down the very best. Mo was amazing with his readings and after wards with the signings. He took the time to speak with each person and allowed photographs to be taken (minus the flash photography which was his request) and Michael was great with him answering all his questions. Plus we got to see who the real Trixie was.

If you are looking for some great children books I have to suggest Mo Willems books. We love then and since meeting Mo we have decided that we will slowly build our collection up.

Here are some pics from the signing:

This is in line and Mo trying to guess what Michael’s name was.

Mo signing Michael’s books. With the signature was a little drawing he did.

Mo graciously posed with us for this picture.

Thanks to Mo (who I hope might read this) for coming to our little corner of the world (and it didn’t rain this time) and to Babar Books for organizing this fantastic event.

BTW MO told me he was going to be at BEA again so if you get the chance stop and say hi.

Here is an article (interview) about Mo that our local newspaper The Montreal Gazette did on Saturday with him.

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