Secret Santa #1

One of the secret Santa’s I took part in this year was the one hosted by
Broke and Bookish. This was my first time taking part in the exchange and I definetly will be taking part next year should there be another one. They did a fantastic job in organizing this.

I have been a follower of their blog for a little while now. If you haven’t checked out their blog you really should hop on over there. They are Jamie and Lori plus twelve other college aged kids who contribute regularly with four guest contributors.

One of the great things about taking part in Secret Santa’s is discovering new blogs and since doing Secret Santa’s I have been fortunate in discovering new blogs through sending and receiving gifts. I love finding new bloggers expecially if they happen to be Canadian.

This year was no exception. My secret Santa was a new to me (Canadian) blogger and since getting her package I’ve enjoyed reading her blog. I want to thank Cassay from Vamps, Weres and Cassay OH My! for sending me this great gift. Thank You!

Here is a picture of the gift Cassay sent me.

I got a copy of the book Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison which has been on my wishlist since I first heard about it. It sounds really good. I also got two of Cassay’s own bookmarks, a beautiful Christmas Card, some Hunger Game tattoos (which were tucked into several places in the book), some Firelight swag (card, bookmark and sticker) and a pretty bookmark.

The bookmark is metal and the center of the flowers all have a bead in them. I love the saying on it “Believe in your dreams.”

Thanks again to Broke and Bookish for organizing this and to Cassay from Vamps, Weres and Cassay OH My! for sending me this great gift. Thank You!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Secret Santa #1

  1. Cindy says:

    Avis you should have signed up it was alot of fun.

    Donna I thought that was a nice touch too. A little something extra every few pages.

    I Write In books yep there is always next year.

    kathy she did do a great job.

  2. Cassay says:

    Cindy – I’m glad you liked it!

    Myckyee – I thought I was being clever with sliding in tattoos in the pages as an “extra” surprise while reading. hehe 😉


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