Christmas Card Exchange

The final exchange I took part in was The Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange hosted by Anastasia from BirdBrain(ed) Book Blog. I have to thank one of the Montreal bloggers for pointing this one out to me because otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. Another blogger that I have added to my blog roll.

This was one of the easiest exchanges because all you had to do was sign up and commit to sending out five holiday cards. I got my list and I popped mine in the mail. The cards I sent out are going all over the place such as across the ocean, east, west and I believe south. All with little goodies inside them. I hope everyone enjoyes them.

Up until today, the 17th I have received all but one so I thought for now I would share with you what cards made their way to my door. They are all pretty cards and I managed to add four more new bloggers to my blog roll.

One of the benefits to doing exchanges. I love discovering new blogs and bloggers. It makes you realize how big the blogging community really is.

For picture purposes I set the cards I got in the tree to make it look more festive. When in reality I have my cards taped to the wall where I can see them from where I sit at my desk.

The great bloggers behind the cards are:
1.Ryan from Wordsmithonia. He recommended Agatha Christie to me and she has actually been an author that I have never read but kind of want to read. I think I might have to raid my nephews bookcase to grab one if her books.

2.Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Books recommended Before I Fall, If I stay and The hungar Games all of those three books I have on my TBR pile which I need to read.

3. Caitie from Pub Writes shared with me some of her favorites from this past year and from her list I have The Lonely Hearts Club and If I stay sitting waiting to be read so I am thinking I really need to read them asap.

4. Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity. What a great blog name isn’t it? She has a lovely blog and I was drooling at all the yummy food pictures. Congrats Trish.

If you can see right about Trish’s card you will see a little green square with a yellow flower on it, well that is a corner bookmarker made by Trish’s sister Brooke. You can check out Brooke’s Etsy shop here at Paper Love by Brooke. She has made some beautiful cards. I definetly will be placing an order in the new year.

Thanks to Ryan, Trish, Caitie and Elizabeth for sending me some great suggestions and for letting me discover some new blogs. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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