I went over board…

This past week I downloaded a bunch of egalleys from NetGalley and Simon & Schuster’s. Thanks NetGalley and Simon & Schuster.

This is just the first 21 Chapters:
-Witch & Wizard The Gift by James Patterson (book 2)PUB DATE: December 13/10
-Cross Fire by James Patterson (This is part of the Alex Cross Series) PUB DATE: November 15/10

-A Compendium of Kisses PUB DATE: January 1/11
-Midway Monkey Madness PUB DATE: January 2011

-The Poison Eaters PUB DATE: April 1/11
-The Hot List PUB DATE: March 8/11

-Odd Girl In PUB DATE: March 22/11
-Evercrossed PUB DATE: March 8/11

-Eliza’s Freedom PUB DATE: January 4th/11
-Over The Moon PUB DATE: January 4th/11

-Choker PUB DATE: January 4th/11
-Darkness Becomes Her PUB DATE: Febuary 22/11

-Wither PUB DATE: March 22/11
-Fairy Tale in New York PUB DATE: November2009

-Cryer’s Cross PUB DATE: Febuary 8th/11

I am really excited to read all of these great titles. Any of these appeal to you?

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5 thoughts on “I went over board…

  1. Jenny says:

    The covers for The Hot List and Odd Girl In are adorable! I wonder if they’re good… and I don’t think I realized Fairytale of New York was being published inthe US. I’m looking forward to what you think of that!

  2. iwriteinbooks says:

    Haha wow, TBR much? That’s a great “stack”. I love so many of these covers. I’ve never read James Patterson but I’m totally digging the cover concepts for the Witch and Wizard books. Very neat. Happy reading!

  3. Wrighty says:

    So many great books! I don’t have an e reader but I’ve been tempted to download some of the free offers on my laptop. I’m not sure if that will work out so well though… (Maybe it’s time to think about getting that e reader!) Enjoy all the goodies! 🙂

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