Local Book Blogger Meet Up October Edition

Its hard to believe its time for another Local Book Blogger Meet Up post. It actually feels as though its been awhile since I wrote one up but in reality its only been a month.

This month Avis from She Reads and Reads was unable to attend. We missed you Avis. In attendance was Donna from Books Bound, Linda from Better With Books, Tina from Bookshipper also joining us for the second time was Amanda from Tales and Treats.

We were happy to welcome two new bloggers to our meeting, Laura who blogs at Library of Clean Reads and if you remember she is also an author of the book Daughter of Mine which I have read and reviewed. Laura brought her co-blogging partner Sandra with her.

For some reason I always find that it seems like its a long time between the meet ups and I am always anxiously awaiting for them when then come but then once we go I find the time just flies. I am sure we could sit and chat much longer then we do.

One thing that Tina and I commented on was how busy our little tea shop has gotten since we started meeting up. Its no longer a quiet spot on a Sunday to meet up with a few stray customers coming and going. Within an hour of being there the tables quickly fill up which is a good thing for them. Thankfully Tina always reserve the tables for us. Thanks Tina.

One of the great things about our meet ups is being able to talk about anything at all and no one hates us for what we say. We speak our minds and what we feel. Plus we all can poke fun of each other without anyone getting hurt. Although this week I quickly realized how alike we are becoming that some of us are starting to dress alike LOL right Tina?

Its nice being able to talk about books, blogs, life etc with everyone in the group. I personally love that because my other friends aren’t much into books or blogs so its nice to be able to have a group of friends that like the same things I do even if we don’t share the same interest of certain genres of books.

Here is the list of books I picked up at this meet up:
From Tina:
-Late, Late at night by Rick Springfield (I am so excited to read this one)
-Louder then words series: Rae, Alexis and Hannah (another set of books I am excited to read)

From Laura:
-Lone Wolf Book 1 of the Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky (I love the cover)

From Linda: (I actually borrowed this from her)
-book 3 of Scrapped Princess manga

From Amanda:
-Room by Emma Donoghue
-The Percy Jackson & Olympian series book 1 to 4 by Rick Riordan
-Eragon by Christopher Paolini
-Sarah’s Key by Tatina De Rosnay
-The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

I also came home with a bag of hot chocolate and tea bags that I bought while we were in the tea shop and Tina gave me a can of Banana Nut tea that I picked up for her earlier that she didn’t like.

Oops almost forgot that Donna gave me two puzzles for Michael and I. Michael loves doing puzzles and has always loved doing them. Which I think is good for kids to want to do.

Sadly there won’t be a November meet up because things are planned but we do have a meet up planned for December on my birthday so that will be fun. What better way to spend your birthday then with fellow book lovers. See you then 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Local Book Blogger Meet Up October Edition

  1. bermudaonion says:

    As always I’m so jealous that you have so many other bloggers close by!! I can just picture you when you got hold of that Rick Springfield book! LOL Yay for Michael and puzzle – I love to do them too.

  2. The Bumbles says:

    Have you and Michael ever made your own puzzles? I think you can do that on any one of those online photo sites like Kodak or Snapfish – upload a favorite photo and they’ll make a puzzle out of it for you!

  3. Laura Fabiani says:

    It was great meeting up with you guys! I got to see some of the faces behind the blogs. My schedule is crazy so I will probably join you again in January. Thanks once again for the invite Cindy.

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