Toying with this idea

For about the past month or so I have been toying with an idea and its really funny because I am always thinking about it. Actually the name is always popping into my head and I am just not sure how I want to work this feature. I have a few ideas but I guess I would like to know what you guys think and your input would be greatly appreciated.

So the name of this feature will be called Magazine Monday and I would be using this as my regular Monday post/feature.

As you can see from the picture below this is some of the magazines I have (recently taken). I subscribe to three monthly magazines: Canadian Living, Chatelaine and Today’s Parent. Plus I tend to buy on a weekly bases Woman’s World and People and as for monthly I always pick up Family Fun and usually what ever peaks my interest when I am at the cash.

What about you, what magazines do you get?

Okay so what do you guys think of this new upcoming feature and what would or wouldn’t you like to see? Is this something I should persue?

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