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Book one in the new dynamic fashion-themed On the Runway teen novel series by favorite young adult fiction author Melody Carlson. When Paige and Erin Forrester are offered their own TV show, sisterly bonds are tested as the girls learn that it takes two to keep their once-in-a-lifetime project afloat.

A recipe for success or a design for disaster? Although they’re sisters, Paige and Erin Forrester are like oil and water, night and day, denim and silk. Paige is an outgoing fashionista who loves to be the center of attention, while Erin is more comfortable sporting vintage garb and recording the action around her. When a near disaster turns into the opportunity of a lifetime, these two very-different sisters are given the chance to star in their own fashion-TV show. A guest spot on a hot teen-reality series and their first big red-carpet assignment give this unlikely partnership plenty of room for success—and even more for failure.

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As you know I am a huge fan of Melody Carlson and I have read practically all her young adult books. When The Carter House series finished I was really happy to hear that she had another series in the works and this is book one in that new series.

Other books in the series:
Catwalk (book 2) now available
Rendezvous (book 3) September 2010
Spotlight (book 4) October 2010
Glamour (book 5) February 2011

I don’t know if there is any others coming out.

Anyways back to the book. I have to say that this was another one of those books that I quickly read in one sitting. I am only into book one of this series but I think this is going to be another series that I will enjoy.

Erin and Paige are sisters and they are complete opposites. Paige is into anything fashion and she knows her labels, designers and she knows what looks good and isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks.

Meanwhile Erin is just your typical all round girl but ever since breaking up with her boyfriend, Blake, who were the ideal couple and they are the ones you would expect would get married, she seems to care less about what she looks like and would rather be behind the scenes and not like her sister Paige who must always be in the spot light.

Blake broke up with Erin and quickly began dating someone else. Blake is back in the picture and Erin makes it perfectly clear that they will remain friends. But will that be the case?

Paige is given an opportunity of a lifetime to be the star of her own reality tv show when the producer of a hit reality show catches Paige’s opening piece on tv of the opening of Wonderland (which is a theme park in Southern California) because she was trying to make the piece exciting so she started to critique the patrons of the park on what they were wearing. Her inspiration for this was the fact that the Golden Globes was just around the corner and she thought it would be interesting to have a red carpet.

You would think this would be a disaster in real life but in books its the chance of a lifetime and of course it would all work out. When the meet up with the producer she wants both of the girls to take part but Erin quickly gets them to agree to her being behind the scenes.

This new reality show is called On The Runway and its all about fashion and anything to do with fashion.

The girls are sent out to promote the show and their first place that they get invited to is to appear on the reality show Malibu Beach as guests. (Malibu Beach is the hot teen reality show) Reading this I quickly thought about Jersey Shore meets the Hills. I could be mistaken but that is what I felt it was like.

Before long the very outspoken Paige has gone to far and its possible that On The Runway is at risk of not being a reality show after all. Has Paige stepped out of line?

Check back next week when I review Catwalk.

Thanks to Zondervan for sending out this book to me.

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