(Review) Katy’s Debate

TITLE: Katy’s Debate book 2 in Katy Lambright Series
AUTHOR: Kim Vogel Sawyer
PUB DATE: May 2010
PAGES: 208
PUBLISHER: Zondervan

Katy’s Debate is the second book in the Katy Lambright Series by bestselling author Kim Vogel Sawyer, which follows sixteen-year-old Katy as she adjusts to life outside her Old Order Mennonite community in Kansas. Katy’s dad is courting Rosemary Graber, and Katy decides to use her new debate skills to end the romance before it can go any further. At the same time, Katy is developing a crush of her own.

New Club, New Crush … New Mom?

Just as Katy is feeling settled in her new school, everything falls apart at home. Her father, believing she needs a mother, starts courting a woman Katy refuses to accept. Tensions rise as Katy schemes to send the woman packing. Meanwhile, the pressure builds at school as Katy joins the debate team, encounters a teammate’s scorn, and faces her growing feelings for a boy her father will never accept. Can Katy prove she doesn’t need a mother’s guidance even as she discovers more of what the world offers?

I was hoping that I would have had the info from First Wild Card Tours to post with my review but unfortunately that didn’t happen so I will add the tour when I get back from vacation.

This is the second book in the Katy Lambright series. You can see my review for book one Katy’s New World by clicking on the link.

I really enjoyed this book and I have to admit that I read this in one sitting. I found the story line was smooth and very addictive. Something always would happen that I just had to read even though I kept thinking I need to put the book down.

So the book opens up with Katy starting to settle into her high school and making friends. She has joined the debate team but up until recently she is just keeping notes about the debates the other kids are in. A chance in a life time opportunity comes and Katy’s gets to actually take part in a debate and manages to win the school a third place trophy. Things in school are perfect.

Sadly its not running so smoothly at home. Her dad thinks that Katy needs a mother figure in her life. This could be the farthest from the truth. So her dad begins to see a woman and Katy isn’t happy she doesn’t like this woman and when her dad gets permission to court her and then marry her, Katy isn’t happy and she will stop at nothing to make sure her dad doesn’t marry this woman.

Will Katy’s plan to break up her father and this woman work? How will Katy copy with her feelings for a boy she knows will never be accepted?

Thanks to Zondervan for sending me this book.

I was just checking out Katy Lambright Series site and I see that book three Katy’s Homecoming is coming out in February 2011. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

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