(Review) Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City

TITLE: Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City
AUTHOR: Holly Denham
PUB DATE: August 2010
PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks
PAGES: 544
SOURCE: Received a finished copy from the publisher.

Dear Holly, isn’t it shocking…?

Things are finally going Holly Denham’s way: she’s in love, she’s getting the recognition she deserves at work, and her friends and family have graciously opted to avoid disaster for the moment.

Just when Holly is starting to settle into her new life, scandal erupts and Holly finds herself—and her in box—at the center of a gossip whirlwind that threatens everything she’s worked so hard for.

Written entirely in emails, this follow-up to the UK smash hit Holly’s Inbox will keep you glued to its pages as the scandal running rampant in the city threatens to ruin Holly’s hard-earned and long-awaited happiness.

I want to send out a thank you to April from Sourcebooks for sending me this book. I have anxiously been awaiting for this one to come out after reading the first Holly’s Inbox book last year. This wasn’t as huge as last years book (over 600 pages) and like last year it was a very quick read. I enjoyed reading it and actually managed to read this in a few hours.

Scandal in the City is just like the first book, its done in email format. The books characters have remained the same as the last book with Holly, Trisha, Jason, her mother, grandmother and many more. You don’t need to read the first one to read this one.

Holly is still working as a receptionist at DKHeurst and she is still with Toby. Just like the previous book Holly manages to get into some high jinx that you wonder how she will be able to get herself into that situation and how will she ever be able to get out of it?

In the first book Holly managed to get into alot of trouble and things weren’t the best but is seems in this book things are coming together but is the calm before the storm? Things seem to be running smoothly for her in the work place and in her personal life. Things are going great with Toby and at her she is being offered a promotion. She has to keep things quiet at work for now about the promotion and that means keeping that secret from her coworker and good friend Trisha so you can only imagine where this will go and how it will end?

As I am reading I have to say I laughed, wanted to reach into the book and shake Holly by the shoulders and gringe at the things she said and did. I guess you really can’t blame Holly because sometimes it did look like things were the way they seemed. I am sure we might react the same way or maybe not.

If you are looking for a light, fun and easy/quick read then this is for you. I am curious if there will be a book three. What do you think? If there is I can not wait to read it.

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