(Review) Final Touch

TITLE: Final Touch Book 3 in The Rayne Tour Series
AUTHOR: Brandily Collins and Amberly Collins
PUB DATE: May 2010
PAGES: 224
PUBLISHER: Zondervan

The day Shaley O’Conner has dreamed of all her life is shattered by a nightmare. On a lavish estate in California guarded from the media, Shaley’s mom, rock star Rayne O’Connor, is marrying her teen sweetheart and Shaley’s father, Gary Donovon. It’s a dream come true for Shaley, who has always longed for the father she never knew. But minutes before the wedding, Shaley is kidnapped. Who is this man who has taken her—and why? As Rayne and Gary race against time to find their daughter, Shaley’s abductor eludes the FBI at every turn. Fearing for her life, Shaley wills herself to stay strong. But as the days pass, she realizes that no one can save her but herself.

I was hoping I would have had the tour info to post with my review but sadly I don’t. I will add the tour when I get back home.

This is the third and final book in the Rayne Tour series. You can see my review for Always Watching by clicking on the name. I will have to go back in my notes to find Last Breath because for some reason its not on my blog. I did read it. Strange.

Just like the first two I had a hard time to put the book down and was surprised that I managed to read this one Sunday.

Shaley’s dream has finally come true. Her parents are getting married. We all know that it all can’t be picture perfect and drama free in a book. So moments before her parents are to be married. Shaley gets a call that her father’s ring is coming and she goes down to meet the delivery person. Thinking everything will be okay because there is all kinds of security around she thinks nothing off it until the guy grabs her and puts something over her mouth to knock her out.

With no idea who this man is Shaley learns he isn’t after a ransom but wants to protect her from the corupted world that is full of sin and bad things.

Her abductor makes her call home telling her mother why she left and that she didn’t want her to marry her father. No one really believes it and the FBI are quick to trace the call. Of course she is no longer there but on her way to a remote cabin. In this remote cabin there is a phone. When Shaley is left alone she quickly calls 911 thinking help is on the way but its not because her abductor seems to be one step ahead all the time.

Will Shaley be able to save herself before its too late?

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