Prom Girls Review

TITLE: Prom Girls: A North American Right Of Passage
AUTHOR: Lesley Fletcher
PUB DATE: February 2010
PUBLISHER: Inspiration Import
SOURCE: I bought this book at the author signing.


PROM GIRLS is full of surprises and adventure captured in the language of today’s youth. Encompassing four distinct paths, with focus on the year of being seventeen and graduating from High School, the reader is lured in all the glory, fun and realism of the celebration of youth. While reading the stories, it is inevitable that the reader will be at once inspired by memories of the past and anticipation of the future. In Prom Girls, the celebration of High School graduation is visited from the beginning of the final high school year until the Grand Event, with snippets of past events, multi-cultural references and some of the author’s personal encounters. It is written in a way that addresses questions and speaks directly to the reader. From the nostalgic, faceless characters of over fifty original water colour images to the realistic exploits and escapades of Prom Night , Lesley Fletcher captures the imagination and hearts of the very young and the very old. The memories that are gained at seventeen years old last a lifetime.

Recently when I visited my local Chapters to pick up some books for Michael I was given a book mark that was announcing a Prom Girls book signing happening that weekend. So Lesley being a local author I decided that I was going to go and pick up the book and support my local author.

I got to speak with Lesley for a bit and she was handing out pink carnations and blue daisies I believe that’s what the blue flowers were. As you can see I got the pink carnation. She said that once I read the book I would understand why she was giving those particular colors out.

Prom Girls was a quick read and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I am not sure if Prom is a big deal in other parts of the world but here in Montreal it is. I am sure planning of prom starts the year every one is in grade 11 and preparing to graduate.

I enjoyed reading the book because it allowed me to get a glimpse of what its like to have a prom here in Montreal. I have only heard about them so it was really nice to see what happens on prom night.

At the begining of the book it says that all characters are fictional but they were so believable. Baller reminded me of so many of the guys that I went to school with and knew as was the character of Pink. I think I was more interested in Baller because he sort of reminded me of my prom date.

One thing I noticed that it doesn’t matter if a prom just happened or if it was 20 years ago (like mine was) we all had the same concerns and plans for prom. Also that there will always be a prom committee to make sure that prom night is magical and memorable.

This was a great read that brought back alot of memories.

The illustrations were all perfect and suited the book. Lesley did them all.

Sadly I never had my prom here in Quebec and couldn’t really relate because my prom was in New Brunswick. Prom for me happened in grade 12 and it was held in our high school cafeteria and we didn’t really have fancy and formal dresses like they do today. I had a simple off white dress with a purple bow in the back. You can see the below photo. My date for the evening was a friend who sadly spent a good part of the evening with his friends. How I wish I could redo that again.

Also I should let you know that I also had a prom in grade 9 and that was a little more formal and the pink dress was one I came up with and had made. The photo is include as well. It was held in our school cafeteria as well. Can I just say that I never made it to that prom. My date was with my best friends (at the time) boyfriends friend. Aparently the day of prom the boyfriends friend told the boyfriend he didn’t want to go but I found out there was a mix of confusion and that he did want to go to the prom but didn’t want to date or anything. So I missed out on going.

It was great to meet you Lesley. Thanks to Donna at Books Bound for taking this picture.

Lesley Fletcher is an author with stories to tell using more than merely words. Her illustrations illuminate the way, not only to writing but to spiritual fulfilment and immense pleasure. She loves to laugh, listen to music, dance, exercise, travel and delve deeper into humanity and religion. Whether it is a five star hotel or a sleeping bag on the ground, Lesley will easily adjust to and enjoy the moment. Lesley is currently living in the West Island suburbs of Montreal where she continues to write, attend art classes and create art. Her involvement with Habitat for Humanity, Literacy Unlimited and her quest for truth and learning on an International level feeds the woman, artist and writer in her soul.

If you would like to buy Prom Girls you can do so through Amazon.

You can also check out the Prom Girls website to read an excerpt, to see the art work and to find out how you can get $2 off the book when you order through Amazon.

Also Lesley has two books that are coming out very soon.


Myriam has only one wish this holiday season: To enjoy a decorated Christmas tree in her Muslim household. As Myriam sets about convincing her family to allow her to have her wish for a Christmas tree, readers find themselves rooting for Myriam, and her best friend, Alexa, as the young girls promote intricate immersion and acceptance in a multicultural world.

All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree is a story of tradition, grace and sensitivity.

This is coming out in August 2010.

Angel is coming out in late 2010. (Sorry I don’t have a cover for this one.)

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