Local Happenings In My Neck of Woods #2

I literally just found out about this today when I was in the Chapters near me because I picked up a few things for Michael and I was given a few book marks in my bag at the check out.

Sadly I was there earlier in the week because I went in to renew my iRewards card and picked up a few books because they had the buy 3 get the 4th one free promotion happening and never got anything about this.

I am thinking that this is a commission author as I couldn’t find her book through the Chapters website. Also I didn’t see any other advertising for this in the store.

Anyway, tomorrow July 3rd Lesley Fletcher will be at the Chapters, Pointe Claire from 1 to 4pm signing her very first book called Prom Girls.


PROM GIRLS is full of surprises and adventure captured in the language of today’s youth. Encompassing four distinct paths, with focus on the year of being seventeen and graduating from High School, the reader is lured in all the glory, fun and realism of the celebration of youth. While reading the stories, it is inevitable that the reader will be at once inspired by memories of the past and anticipation of the future. In Prom Girls, the celebration of High School graduation is visited from the beginning of the final high school year until the Grand Event, with snippets of past events, multi-cultural references and some of the author’s personal encounters. It is written in a way that addresses questions and speaks directly to the reader. From the nostalgic, faceless characters of over fifty original water colour images to the realistic exploits and escapades of Prom Night , Lesley Fletcher captures the imagination and hearts of the very young and the very old. The memories that are gained at seventeen years old last a lifetime.

Lesley Fletcher is an author with stories to tell using more than merely words. Her illustrations illuminate the way, not only to writing but to spiritual fulfilment and immense pleasure. She loves to laugh, listen to music, dance, exercise, travel and delve deeper into humanity and religion. Whether it is a five star hotel or a sleeping bag on the ground, Lesley will easily adjust to and enjoy the moment. Lesley is currently living in the West Island suburbs of Montreal where she continues to write, attend art classes and create art. Her involvement with Habitat for Humanity, Literacy Unlimited and her quest for truth and learning on an International level feeds the woman, artist and writer in her soul.

I am going to attempt to go tomorrow if I can because I love to support local authors and I think they deserve to be recognized.

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