On This Day Last Week (Wednesday) PT 1

Wednesday was the day that the Exhibit floor officially opened to the public. I was super excited because I was taking part in the Children’s Book & Author Breakfast.

The Master of Ceremonies was Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. She briefly made a few jokes about what was happening to her outside of BEA, getting to BEA (she encountered a few people in her way) and using some of the titles of her newest books Helping Hands series- Don’t talk to strangers etc about her situation.

She introduced Cory Doctorow, Mitali Perkins and Richard Peck. The each spoke briefly about their books.

I am sure Cory had a few people in tears during his speech because he got emotional talking about his book. Mitali’s talk was beautiful. She spoke about her book Bamboo People and that books can either be a mirror (in which you can see yourself/situation in) or a window (in another world, time or place other then now). Richard had the whole crowd laughing. He was a fantastic speaker.
These are the books I picked up at the breakfast:
-Emily’s First Day of School by Sarah Ferguson
-Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins
-Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck
-For The Win by Cory Doctorow (not pictured)

During the Children’s Book & Author Breakfast I sat with Kathy-Bermudaonion, Julie-Booking Mama, Alea-Pop Culture Junkie, Gail-Ticket To Anywhere and Shanya-Chick Loves Lit.

After the breakfast I said a quick hi to Natasha-Maw Books and Amy-My Friend Amy before I quickly ran off, I wanted to get to the Sourcebooks booth because I really wanted to get a copy of The Days of Our Lives book signed.

I knew Ken Corday was going to be there and only found out the night before that Kristian Alfonso was going to be there signing too. She was super sweet and so friendly. It was so nice to get to talk to her briefly about the Hope storyline.

The next signing I had to quickly get to was the Rick Springfield one. This was one super long line but it went really quickly.

Rick was super nice. He gave one of the best hugs. We got to briefly speak about his upcoming tour and his stop in Montreal. I am anxiously awaiting for his book to come out this fall.

After I got my cd promo signed (its full of his hit songs) I looked around for a bit but didn’t want to go to far because I was going to be meeting up with Paul from Sourcebooks and some bloggers.

I briefly got to speak with Paul in the morning and was really looking forward to going back to the booth to hear about the fall books. I have to say there is alot of great YA books coming out this fall.

A pleasant surprise was seeing Helen Ellis the author of The Turning there. She is so friendly and sweet. Dying to read her book now.

In the booth listening was several bloggers: Kathy, Julie (here is a picture of Julie and I) Avis, Donna, Linda and Pam-Bookalicio.us.

(This is where I wish I had taken more pictures. Oh well there is always next year.)

After Sourcebooks I decided that I wanted to look around before doing any more author signings.

On my journey around the booths I remembered that Ethan Zohn (He was on Survivor Africa, the third season and was the winner.) was signing his book Soccer World Africa. I unfortunately missed out on the book as he had no copies left when I got there. I did get the chance to speak with him about me being a Survivor fan, etc and I graciously asked if I could get a picture with him and promised that I would return the next day to get his other book signed Soccer World Mexico. (Which I did do.)

Check back later on today when I do a OTDLW post about my night in NYC.

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7 thoughts on “On This Day Last Week (Wednesday) PT 1

  1. The Bumbles says:

    Wow – that must have been AWKWARD for Sarah Furgeson. Interesting timing.

    Did Rick Springfield have some work done or something? He doesn’t appear to have aged!!!

    And Ethan – I hope his battle with cancer is going OK – I always loved his game on Survivor and have heard him speak on the radio during the annual Jimmy Fund event they have down here with the Red Sox for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute – seems as sweet as he appeared.

  2. Cindy says:

    Shannon-If you get the chance you should go. It was so much fun.

    Julie-Of course I had to include you in my recap. It was so nice to meet you.

    Molly-She made light of the situation and joked about it. I am not sure if he had work done or not but I agree he hasn’t aged at all. Ethan was in a good spirit and said he was doing really well. I have always loved him too and his game play. I was so happy he won. Jenna and him are doing great.

  3. bermudaonion says:

    It was so great to meet you at last! You had told me that you’re short, but it still surprised me. I was wondering why you ran off after the breakfast like that, and now I know!

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