On This Day Last Week (Thursday)

On Thursday I decided to go back to BEA because there was a few author signings I wanted to go to and to do more walking around since the day before I tended to focus on the author signings and nothing else.

Here are three of the author signings I was excited to get to do:
Clinton Kelly. I love watching What Not To Wear so it was super nice to meet him. He is a super sweet guy.

Melissa Anderson. When I heard she was going to be there I had to make sure to get in line to get a book signed. I recently found out that she is living in Montreal now.

Mick Foley. I use to work with a guy who was a super wrestling fan and he would always talk about it when we worked together. So I had to go and meet the guy I heard so much about. It was funny because Avis and I were standing in line for another author and Mick and his publicist were leaving and I pointed him out to Avis and his publicist ran over with a book because she saw me point him out.

Thursday was also the Book Blogger Convention Reception. I decided a few weeks before BEA that I wanted to go and it was there that I got to meet several book bloggers. Check back later this week when I highlight the book bloggers that I met.

I have to say apart from meeting those authors today the highlight of the day was finally getting to sit down and have dinner with Kathy. I have been holding on to the pictures of Kathy until now. We met at the Zen Palate. After dinner we (Avis. Linda, Kathy and myself) decided to go to Time Square for a hot chocolate at Starbucks.

Before we got anywhere I had to get some pictures.
As I went to get a picture with kathy we had to snap this because she said she knew I was short but I guess she wanted to prove how short I am LOL
This is Kathy and I with Time’s Square behind us.

While in Time’s Square we bumped into Pam. For some reason I have no idea why I didn’t think to get a picture with Pam, sorry about that Pam but I did get this one of Pam with the grumpy cop as we so nicknamed him.

I guess us book bloggers looked pretty scary to him.
Then my final picture of the evening was with the US Marine Corp. I have no idea who these guys are but they were super sweet to pose for a picture and it was nice to talk to them briefly and to express my heartful appreciation for what they are doing.
Shortly after that I think we walked around and visited the Toys R Us and then made our way back to our hotels.
Check back tomorrow to see my post about my last day in NYC.
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