Hailey Twitch is not a Snitch Review

TITLE: Hailey Twitch is not a Snitch
AUTHOR: Lauren Barnholdt
ILLUSTRATOR: Suzanne Beaky
PUB DATE: May 2010
PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks/Jabberwacky
PAGES: 160

Seven-year-old Hailey Twitch knows three things for sure: who she’s the boss of, how to throw a tantrum, and above all, how to get exactly what she wants. But all that changes when Hailey gets paired up with annoying Addie Jokobeck on the class project. No matter what Hailey does, she can’t seem to change her teacher’s mind.

At home, a cranky Hailey is feeling sorry for herself when – poof! — Maybelle, a magic sprite, comes flying out of Hailey’s dollhouse. Maybelle’s on probation with the Department of Magic, and on a special mission to get Hailey to have fun.

The only problem? The invisible Maybelle starts causing a lot of trouble, and when Hailey’s teacher wants to know who’s to blame, Hailey takes responsibility. After all, Hailey Twitch is not a snitch! Now if only Hailey can convince the Department of Magic that Maybelle has reformed.

Please note that the book cover and about the book was taken from the press release I was sent.


I have to send a huge thank you to Carrie from Sourcebooks for contacting me about this book and for sending it to me to read and review.

I am really happy to tell you that Hailey Twitch is not a Snitch is being released today. If you have a child who loves chapter books then I highly recommend this. Amazon has it rated for children 4-8. Not sure if that is the right age group since its a long book.

I heard about Lauren Barnholdt last year and I bought a few of her books. I ended up pushing them further down on my TBR pile because they were books I bought and figured I could read and review them later but after reading this one I am curious to read her so I am probably going to bring Two-Way Street with me to NY.

I have to say that I loved Hailey Twitch is not a snitch. Hailey is seven years old and in grade 2. One day in class, the teacher has a special project for the kids. They will be studying a place and they have to present a food from that area and dress in a custom. Its part of Diversity Week.

Hailey is really excited and is eyeing her potential partner Antonio but her bubble is quickly popped when the teacher says your partners will be the person you sit next too. Her partner is Addie and Hailey doesn’t really like her because she is boring and not fun. So Hailey goes home upset.

Alone in her room she wishes she was a princess so that she can buy her way out of being Addie’s partner. Suddenly something flies out of the doll castle. Hailey is shocked. She discovers she has a spirit and that only Hailey can see her. Her name is Maybelle. Maybelle wants to learn how to be fun.

Maybelle is trying to bond with Hailey will trying to impress the Department of Magic. Unfortunately it seems like Maybelle is causing more problems then expected as she is following the rules and trying to keep Hailey from doing bad things. Hailey is getting into trouble at school, at home and with Addie. Maybelle is trying to help Hailey but everything she does just doesn’t work. Hailey is your typical kid trying to push the buttons to see how far she can go.

I had to laugh when Hailey came up with the idea to make braces out of paper clips. They have paper clips, super glue and a wrench. Now we all know what super glues does. Needless to say the girls ditch the super glue idea and use denture cream instead. When Addie’s mother comes into the bathroom she almost dies. The girls have made a mess of the bathroom and ruined her towels. I could just picture this and funny enough Suzanne did a great job in illustrating this for me.

This book was a quick and fun read and I am dying to read the next book to find out what happens because Hailey Twitch is not a snitch ended like this:

“No time for small talk,” he says. Then he pushes up his glasses and looks at me kind of seriously. “We need,” he says “to talk about Maybelle. And it is very important.” Yikes….

Is that not a cliff hanger? Hmm what is so important?

The next book in the series is called Hailey Twitch Saves the Play and the release date is November 2010.

You can check out Lauren’s site Here

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  1. Laura Fabiani says:

    This must be the book you were talking to me about! It does sound great, and I think my kids would love it too. We love books that make us laugh yet deal with good topics. Thanks for the review.

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