Dokebi Bride Review

TITLE: Dokebi Bride Vol 1
AUTHOR: Marley
PUB DATE: March 2006
PUBLISHER: Diamond Comic Distributors, Incorporated
PAGES: 184
SOURCE: Library Book

Korea”s most talked-about series in 2005! Born into a shaman family, Sunbi has inherited the power to see and communicate with spirits just like her grandmother, a notable shaman and savior of their little fishing village in the South Sea. Early on, she sees things like an imposter shaman being thrashed by a dragon of the deep, and doesn”t understand that none of her schoolmates can see such things. Her powers make her the amorous target of hedonistic demons even as a child. Long shielded from the reality of her power, she finally learns the secret of her mother”s death, and why her grandmother was never able to leave their village. Enter Sunbi”s world in this mind-boggling psychological chiller!

Right now there is seven books in this series that are out. I didn’t get to borrow all of them because my library doesn’t have them yet. I will probably wait until they get them or if I happen to find them at a second hand bookstore.

I have to say that this wasn’t a favorite manga to read. Not sure why but it just didn’t grab me like the previous ones I read. The illustrations in the book are very well done and loved looking at them.

Sunbi is borned into a shaman family and she has the power to see and to communicate with the spirit world. She takes after her grandmother in that regards because her grandmother has that power as well. Her grandmother is very well respected in the community. Sunbi discovers what really happened to her mother.

I really love the covers of this book.

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