Going to BEA

Can you believe it that there is exactly almost a month left before going to BEA? I am super excited about being able to go this year.

Are you a follower of this blog and are you going to BEA? Would you like to meet up?

If your going to BEA and would love to meet up, leave me a note with your email address (twitter id) here and I will get back to you and we can arrange something.

I think it would be so nice to meet up with bloggers that I know from either your blogs or on twitter.

I will be in NYC May 24th late that night and staying until May 29th (early am) then catching the train back to Canada.

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6 thoughts on “Going to BEA

  1. Cindy says:

    Kathy-Looking forward to meeting up with you.

    Michelle-perhaps I will see you around BEA

    Anna-I hope i get the chance to meet you too.

    Linda-Don’t think I will get tired of seeing you Linda LOL I can just picture it now us sharing the room knowing that when we both don’t get alot of sleep we are silly so it should be a blast LOL

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