Dear Diary, I’m Pregnant Review

TITLE: Dear Diary, I’m Pregnant: Ten Real Life Stories
AUTHOR: AnRenee Englander
PUB DATE: April 2010
PUBLISHER: Annick Press
PAGES: 160

You’re a teenager. You’re pregnant. Now what?

poignant and insightful interviews, Anrénee Englander presents the voices of ten
pregnant teens as they discuss their experiences and choices around motherhood,
adoption and abortion. First published to critical acclaim in 1997, this new
edition contains the original interviews as well as d material including a
resources section. Presenting different points of view, DEAR DIARY, I’M PREGNANT
is a non-judgmental source of information for all teens that provides support
and guidance for those who find themselves in this situation.Chosen by The New
York Public Library’s “Books for the Teen Age” list and hailed by The Globe and
Mail for its “…frank, revealing and brave conversations,” this is a must-read
book for young women looking for reassurance that they are not alone.


This is a revised edition and it was first published in 1997.

I think being a teenager is hard but when you throw in a pregnancy its even harder. The book is about ten real life stories. All the stories were very touching and heart breaking. None of these girls planned to get pregnant and we all forced with three decisions, keep the baby, give the baby up for adoption or have an abortion.
The girls all range from 14 to 19 and they were from all walks of life.
I think what bothered me the most was in the some of the stories their families kicked them out leaving the girls to fend for themselves with no money or a place to go. I am sure it must be a shock to the family when that happens but I just can’t see as a parent kicking my child out.
I would recommend this book to any parent with teenage kids to read. I think we need to have an open line of communication with our children and let them know that they can come to us with any problem no matter how small or big it is. I think we need to let our kids know that we will love them no matter what and hey everyone makes mistakes and that we shouldn’t turn our backs on them.
I think what is great about the book is that AnRenee added a resource section in the back with numbers for Hotlines both in Canada and the US as well as info about finding about about adoption, abuse, etc.
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