Wreck This Journal-Productive first Week I Think!

If you remember earlier this week I blogged that after seeing this book last week that I went out and bought it and that I was going to Wreck This Journal. Welcome to week 1.

I started off slow because I had many reservations about wrecking this book but once I had a few challenges done I became addicted to the book and I probably could have spent the whole week wrecking this journal but I didn’t and held one and only completed a weeks worth of destruction.

The first thing I did was decorated the instruction page on Saturday night once Michael was in bed and I raided his crayon and marker bins.

Sunday the task was to Crack The Spine and of course this can in taken in any sense so instead of physically cracking the spine of the book I went online and looked for pictures of cracked book spines and of course spines.

On Monday once Michael was on the school bus I decided that I would work on my next task in the book and that was Close the Journal Write/Scribble something on the edges.

I wrote Dream, Create and Inspire all words that I always use and think of.

Tuesday once I had a few minutes to myself I decided to go for a super easy task and that was this: (Yes that is Enrique) (I used a photo from online with stickers from Michael’s sticker bin.)

This is actually part of a Tues and Wed task where you had to write one work over and over again and this one took me hours to do and as you can see the word I chose was DREAM. I used various markers and then the letters are from my scrapbooking bin.

Thursday I looked for an easy task and saw Add your own page numbers and basically used all kinds of markers and put all kinds of numbers on the page.

Friday night Michael helped me out with this one and we dug through his sticker bin for all kinds of circle stickers and put it all over both pages as the task called for filling the page with circles. Plus we added a penny and some Irish coins.

Last night once everyone was in bed I decided to do a little bit of work on the next task and its a three part task. I only completed the first task and it was to Doodle on the cover well since the cover is black I decided that I would just decorate it with whatever I could find in sticker bins and scrapbooking bins.

This was my first week. Check back next week to see what I have done.

You can also check out Marie’s Daisy’s Book Journal because she decided to take part with me. If you happen to be doing this please let me know so that I can link back to you.

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6 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal-Productive first Week I Think!

  1. Marie says:

    Very nice Cindy! You did have a productive week. I’ve added a link to my post pointing back to this one so my followers can see what you’ve done. Good Job!

  2. The Bumbles says:

    Ah-ha! I knew you’d step outside of your safety zone and learn to tackle the fun of wrecking! I especially like your writing on the outside of the pages. I do hope you physically crack that journal’s spine though ;0)

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