March’s Local Book Blogger Meet Up

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that once a month a bunch of us local book blogger’s meet up at a local tea shop to drink some great hot drinks (no coffee is served), eat some great cakes or other kinds of food, to exchange books and to talk.

In case you happen to be a new reader (welcome) once a month myself and some very local bloggers meet up at a tea shop. The local bloggers are: Tina from Bookshipper, Avis from She Reads and Reads, Donna from Books Bound and Linda from Better With Books. We have been meeting for well over a year now and we all love our meet ups.

I had the chance this past weekend to take part in a Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference that Terry Kate from Romance In The Backseat organized. Which was very imformative and I enjoyed being able to take part. So everyone was eagered to hear about it and to find out what I got from the conference.

Just before we got into any other discussions we exchange books. Here is what I managed to snag:

From Linda she gave everyone her new business cards (its not pictured) but they were super cute and she gave Michael the Geronimo Stilton book # 40 The Karate Mouse. Which he has placed on top of his night table. Anxiously awaiting to get books # 12 and up so that he can read it. He is a serial reader. He won’t start any other books unless they are in order.

From Tina I picked up:
Swoon At Your Own Risk
White Cat (Which I am so excited to read and can’t wait!)
Saving Maddie
My Double Life
She’s So Dead To Us (another one I am super excited for)
The Karma Club
The Way I See It (I really want to read this one too!)

When we meet up no topic is left alone. We talk about books (upcoming), blogging, what is going on it our lives, what is going on in the blogosphere, mail, upcoming author signings and of course BEA/NYC.

Something else we talked about was hoarding. I personally have to admit that I have things but don’t consider myself a hoarder because I have no trouble passing things on ie clothes, books, games, dishes etc you name it I can give it away. What about you? Do you think of yourself as a hoarder or can you get rid of your stuff?

Another thing we did this time at our meet up was a sorta show and tell of our knitting. This was something new that Linda and I just got into. Donna and Tina are knitters and Avis has recently learned as well.

Linda learned from watching YouTube videos, Avis has been taking some classes and my sister taught me. I have to say I should have taken a photo of our works, too bad maybe next time. Or maybe you guys can make a post on your knitting? HINT HINT….

We are all making a scarf. Each one different in a different style and colors.

Donna showed us how to perl which I didn’t know how to do I was just doing basic knitting and having learned how to perl I have to say that I am thinking of restarting my scarf again to add that element into my scarf.

Anyway here is a picture of what I have done up until last night:

What do you think? The color is Burgundy which is a favorite color of mine.

Looking forward to our next meet up as it will be the last one until we meet at the train station in May for our trip to NYC.

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