About Me

Hi. I have always wanted an about me page and finally got one when I did the whole new look. So hear goes.

I love to read and I am known for always carrying a book with me. I think my earliest memory of reading was in elementary school and reading the Disney books.

I have a huge weakness for buying books and if you could only see my bookcases and piles of books you would say the exact same thing. I love to support authors.

I think one of the best things you can have in your home is books. I just hope that my passion for reading will rub off on Michael and thankfully right now at the age of seven he is very much into books. Being in grade 1 he was taught how to read in French, which he is doing amazingly in and has has just started to read in English. There is nothing better in the world then hearing your child read on his own.

I live in Montreal, Quebec and I have been here for almost 14 years now. I use to live in a small northern town in New Brunswick. Which was beautiful in the summer and miserable in the winter.

I have always had a love of reading and this lead me to a job working at a bookstore. (sadly I no longer work at a bookstore) There was no better feeling then helping a customer find a book or recommending something that you loved. The only pet peeve I had was when a parent or parents would come in with children and the child would pick up a book and the parent would say put it back its too expensive. That is still a pet peeve of mine and I have always said I will never say no when Michael asks to get a book.

Apart from reading and being a stay at home mom other things that interest me are: shopping, meeting up with fellow local book bloggers, getting together with friends, taking pictures, going to book related events (book sales or meeting authors) and my newest passions is knitting (which I am still a newbie at), crafting and I just started to make some beaded bookmarks.

In August 2008, Cindy’s Love Of Books became another passion of mine. Since starting Cindy’s Love Of Books, I have discovered a whole new world contained in the pages of books.

With my blog I’ve reviewed, profiled, discussed many books and their authors. I have been reading and reviewing picture books, middle grade books, young adult books, fiction, cookbooks and some non fiction books.

I’ve come to know many other bloggers and can claim to be good friends with several. It is in this community that I have found myself involved with professionals that are a joy to work with.

I appreciate everyone who visits my blog.

If you’re an author or publisher, feel free to contact me through my Contact Me page or please feel free to email me at cindysloveofbooksarc@gmail.com

Happy reading!

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