New Year Meet Up

Its hard to believe that it was roughly a month ago when we had our local meet up. How fast the time flies.

We met up at our regular little tea shop and we commented on how busy the little tea shop was getting lately. Good for them. Although I keep saying it but I really need to try something new the next time I go. I love my hot apple drink and hot chocolate and their cheesecake and carrot cake are to die for but I feel as though I always get the same thing so I really think the next time I will try something else.

Sadly Avis was unable to attend this meet up because she wasn’t feeling well. Avis we missed you but get better soon. Donna, Linda (which by the way Linda has a new blog), and Tina and myself were all there. Sadly I missed a little friend who was waiting to meet me and I had just missed her. Linda’s sister I am so sorry I missed you but I am sure one day very soon we will meet up.

I always find that time flies when we meet up and everything you want to talk about never seems to happen. We all talked about books we got, the email requests from authors and publishers, books we are waiting to come, guys, jobs, life, New York, registering for BEA and BEA.

Of course another great thing about meeting up is passing on the books we read and want to read. I was able to pass along two books and a few magazines to Tina and five books and a bunch of Reader’s Digest to Linda. Donna has resisted the urge to take books so that she can catch up. Gee I wish I had her will power. I was able to clear away 7 books from my shelf but brought back four.

Here is what I brought home with me:
-Malice by Chris Wooding (I absolutely love the cover for this book.)
-Before I fall by Lauren Oliver (This comes out in March 2010)
-The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg (This comes out this month)
-Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson (This comes out in February)

Linda gave us each a bookmark and I got a really beautiful card from Linda’s sister thanking me for the books I was giving her. I hope you enjoy them.

Looking forward to our meet up in February.

Have you read any of these books? If so let me know.

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