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TITLE: Thunder and Blood
PUB DATE: May 15th, 2009

When Sarah Ingram and her sister Christine left Thunder Bay on a chilly November afternoon, they thought that they were going on a weekend getaway, leaving their problems behind. What they didn’t realize was that they would end up in a world that was, in many ways, very different from their own, but at the same time eerily familiar. Separated almost at once, the two women found themselves struggling to come to terms with the reality of their situation. How did this world become so different from the one they knew? What secrets were their new ‘friends’ hiding from them? Was it possible that there could be more to the vampire stories from their own world than simple myth?

Stacey Voss was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

In late 2005, she and her daughter moved to Wuppertal, Germany to live with her fiancé, Heiko Voss, whom she married in July 2007.

She wrote Thunder and Blood during the November 2007 National Novel Writing
Month (Nanowrimo) event, with a two week hiatus during which she honeymooned with her
husband in the Canary Islands.

The story takes place in her hometown of Thunder Bay, reflecting Stacey’s yearning to feel close to her roots once again. Realizing that four trips back to Canada in three years was an indication of more than simple homesickness, Stacey, her husband, and daughter moved back to Thunder Bay at the beginning of 2009.

She is really enjoying being back in Thunder Bay, despite moving back in the middle of the cold winter months, and has been drinking copious amounts of Tim Horton’s coffee while she has been preparing her book for print. Her hobbies include reading, writing, camping and fishing and she considers herself to be quite a computer geek.

Stacey has two Diplomas in International Business, certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor Degree in English Literature.

While in Germany, she taught Corporate English to a wide variety of students and discovered a real love for teaching. She is currently teaching Business and Computers part-time at Everest College in Thunder Bay.

Stacey has already begun the next novel in the Thunder and Blood series, entitled Thunder and Ice, and wants to assure her readers that many of the questions left unanswered in the first novel are answered in the second. After writing Thunder and Ice, Stacey plans to write two prequels in the series, one covering the transformation of DaVinci into a vampire and the other expanding on the origin of the first vampire.

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My review of Thunder and Blood is to come as soon as the book arrives in the mail.

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