The Good Neighbors Book Two: Kith Review

TITLE: The Good Neighbors-Book Two: Kith
AUTHOR: Holly Black
PUB DATE: October 1, 2009

Rue Silver’s life is not what it appears to be. Her mother is a faerie, and has been taken back to the faerie realm. As Rue goes to bring her back, she must travel deep into an inhuman world. At the same time, the faerie realm is venturing into our world too, and taking its toll on those Rue loves.


I found out that this is going to be a trilogy which I am super excited about it. I was trying to find out online when Book Three would be done and couldn’t find anything.

Rue discovers that her father is human and her mother is a faery and that Rue is trying to get use to this new way of life. Trying to live in both worlds.

Rue’s world is so out of control and things are changing. Dale, Lucy and Justin have changed. Everything that Rue knows is changing.

When Rue discovers that the world as she knows it is about to change for the worst she decides she has to save it and that it all lies in her hands. In order to do that she has to go back to the faery world and resist the temptation to stay there. Will she be able to resist the urge? Will she be able to save her mother and the world?

The illustrations in this book were just as fantastic as the first one and done in the same way. This was another quick read at 115 pages. I can’t wait for the last book to come out.

This book was provided for review by myself. I bought this book when I found out that Holly Black was coming to town.

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