Halloween in my neighborhood

Every year the week or two before Halloween there is this one house in my area that decorates for Halloween.

We actually got to know them over the years from the time Michael was very little. They are a great family and Michael got to know their youngest daughter really well. Although she is double Michael’s age he really likes her. She is a great friend to Michael.

These pictures were taken in the day time as you can see only because I haven’t been able to go over in the evening. Hoping to do another post on Halloween night with the night pictures.

They are brothers Brad and Brent that decorate the front of Brent’s yard and its called the Smitheman Family Haunted Yard. They have been doing it for the past 5 years. (Although I thought it was longer)
Every year through the Haunted Yard they raise money for the Montreal Chapter of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. They have raised as much as $12,000.
I have to tell you the pictures don’t do it justice they have all kinds of creepy and spooky things in the yard. To let you know how creepy and scary it is last year on Halloween night Michael actually went into the yard and half way up the front stairs to get a Halloween treat. The first year he wouldn’t even go past the picture #3’s fence and gradually he has made his way.

The funny part is that Michael knows whats in the yard because he has helped them out and he knows who everyone is.

If you are in the Montreal area and want to check this out its 116 Maywood in Pointe Claire.
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