Another Evening Out

Tonight was another author meeting. This time it was at the local library in the area.

Claire Holden Rothman is a local author of the book The Heart Specialist.

Shortly after I got there Michael spotted Linda . I was standing in line to return books when Michael also spotted another local author Lori Weber and it was so cute Michael looked at me and said “Mommy, there is your author friend.” Of course I had to look to see who he was talking about. He has met Lori once and he remember who she was.

We went over to say hi and Lori was super sweet and introduced us to Claire Holden Rothman. Then we quickly went into the conference room where Claire was going to speak. Shortly after sitting down Donna came in. Also in attendance was another local author Jane Barclay, the author of four children books.

It was a full house and it was really nice to see that much support show up. Plus alot of people have read the book. Which Claire was really surprised and pleased with. I just started the book and I am anxious to finish it. The book is really good. Please check back later this week for my review.

Claire talked about the book and the reason for writing it. There was a Q&A with the audience and so many great questions were asked. I have to make it a point the next time to film a little bit of an event.

At the end she did sign her book and all three of us got ours signed and Linda and I got pictures taken with her. You can see mine in this post and I am sure Linda will be doing a write up on her blog so you will have to check that out.

If you haven’t already heard or read the book this is what its about:

Inspired by the life of Doctor Maude Elizabeth Seymour Abbott, The Heart Specialist is the story of an ambitious woman pursuing her dream at the dawn of the twentieth century. Agnes is stripped of a regular childhood when her father is accused of a horrific crime and abandons the family. Never considered ladylike, she is drawn to the “wrong” things, such as microscopes, anatomy, and dissection, that lead to her finding her calling as a doctor. Yet despite a rapid rise to stardom in the medical community, she soon finds herself up against the same glass ceiling faced by women in her field. Set against the backdrop of conflict and upheaval permeating the early 1900s, The Heart Specialist is a testament to one woman’s triumph in the face of adversity.

Claire Holden Rothman is a writer and translator. Her work on Le chercheur de trsors won her the 1994 John Glassco Translation Award. She has a BA in philosophy from McGill and a MA in English Literature from Concordia University, and has taught English at Marianoplis College and creative writing at McGill University. Claire lives in Montreal.

Just in case you have read the book and were wondering if there would be a sequel to it the answer is no. Someone in the audience asked her and she said no.

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