The Promised World Review

PUB DATE: September 2009
I have to send a thank you to TLC Book Tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour. Thanks to Atria Books for sending me this book.

I had this book on my TBR pile for awhile and when I heard about this tour I had to take part in it. What better time to read the book then for the tour?


On a March afternoon, while Lila Cole is working in her quiet office, her twin brother Billy points an unloaded rifle out of a hotel window, closing down a city block. “Suicide by police” was obviously Billy”s intended result, but the aftermath of his death brings shock after shock for Lila when she discovers that her brilliant but troubled twin — the person she revered and was closer to than anyone in the world — was not only estranged from his wife, but also charged with endangering the life of his middle child and namesake, eight-year-old William.

As Lila struggles to figure out what was truth and what was fiction in her brother”s complicated past, her job, her marriage, and even her sanity will be put at risk. And when the hidden meaning behind Billy”s stories comes to light, she will have to act before Billy”s children are destroyed by the same heartbreaking reality that shattered her protector and twin more than twenty years ago.

A love song to the redemptive power of books and stories, The Promised World is a mesmerizing tale of intimacy, betrayal, and lost innocence that will haunt readers long after they have turned the final page.

I have to admit that Lisa Tucker is a new to me author. She has written four other books.

I have to admit that I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this book. The only thing I found hard to read was when Billy went to the elementary school. I actually had goose bumps. Living in a city where we have had two school shootings brought back a lot of memories. Which just happens to be the anniversary of one of the school shootings this past weekend.

With that being said the book was hard to put down and every time I did put it down I had to pick it up to continue reading.

The Promised World is about twins Lila and Billy. The past, present and the future of all those involved.

Billy is married to Ashley and they have three children. Lila is married to Patrick and they have no children.

After Billy is killed, Lila is grieving the lose of her brother. Her world basically comes crumbling down around her. She is having a hard time dealing with it and it seems like no one is there to help her. You couldn’t help but wish you were there to help Lila through this.

Lila discovers a lot of her twin that she never knew about, such as, his divorce from his wife, Ashley and that he was being accused of child abuse with one of his own children. She also discovers that he was very unhappy and couldn’t deal with his problems any longer. How will she handle all this new information on Billy?

Ashley is truly convinced that Billy and Lila had a troubled childhood and couldn’t understand that strong bond that they had. She thought there was more to their past then what they were telling people. Could there be something that they aren’t saying?

Lila has no memory of her past apart from what Billy has told her. Why doesn’t she remember? Is Billy telling her the truth? What will she do when she realizes what he has told her might not be the truth but made up stories?

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