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I have to send out a huge Thank You to Jason at CSN for contacting me and asking if I would be interested in receiving and reviewing a book case from them. Of course I didn’t hestiate to email him back because I was interested. I was in need of a bookcase and I have been looking around in stores but everything I have seen was so expensive and it just wasn’t in the budget right away. So this was a blessing in disguise. Thank you again Jason.

If you haven’t already checked out CSN then you really should. I was surprised at what they had to offer online. Go and check them out they are a great online store with great prices on everyday items.

Okay so here is my review of my CSN Bookcase. Enjoy!

I got an email confirmation on the weekend saying that the bookcase left the brokerage house (because it was coming into Canada) and was on route to deliver. Any plans I had on Monday were going to be delayed because I wanted to stay in so I wouldn’t miss this delivery.

It was a very long morning waiting for the truck to come. Every bang I heard outside had me running to the window only to be disappointed. The morning passed with nothing I was constantly checking my email thinking perhaps I read it wrong. Gee whiz, I ended up even calling the delivery company to see if it was actually the day of delivery. I was told yes.

Than finally at about 2pm I happened to look out my front window to see Purolator parked out front. I wasn’t going to get to excited because sometimes I think the driver likes to tease me and I think I have a package and get excited but then sadly he drives away. Such a tease!

This was not the case. He was actually delivering…………..

THE BOOK CASE! Yea, I was so excited. I should have taken a picture of myself but didn’t think of it. Sorry.

(This is the un-assembled bookcase) There was no need for the instructions as it was all straight forward looking at everything. Upon inspection the only item I needed was a screw driver to assemble it.

There was groves in the back to slide the back pieces in which I loved. I was amazed at the quality of the book case. Pretty sturdy. I attached felt pieces to the bottom so that when I have to move it I won’t scratch the hard wood floors.
So this is the final finished product. Isn’t it a beauty? I love it.

I was wondering how I was going to place it in my living room. I already have a 5 shelf bookcase in my living room and when I started to reorganizing the books (taking the books off a small book case that was temporairly there and from the cedar chest) I realized that my other 5 shelf bookcase that I had in the basement had to come up.

So here is the end product. What do you think?

I think its much cleaner looking and not so over crowded.

The new book case now holds all my YA books. The A-Z is book ends that I bought when I got the new bookcase and between them is four books that I really want to read. Can you see what they are?

The book ends are holding The Hollow by Jessica Verday, Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink, Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev and Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow.

So all in all I am extremely happy with the newest addition in my living room. The living room looks so much neater not having a huge TBR pile of books on my cedar chest.

Thanks again Jason and CSN for sending me the book case.

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12 thoughts on “My Book Case from CSN Review

  1. Lee Verday says:

    That looks just like my house!! And kudos for THE HOLLOW in a place of honor -made Jess blush, and I see the Bret Hitman Hart book, have you read it yet. A brutal but gripping read.

  2. Lee Verday says:

    That looks just like my house!! And kudos for THE HOLLOW in a place of honor -made Jess blush, and I see the Bret Hitman Hart book, have you read it yet. A brutal but gripping read.

  3. Kaye says:

    It looks great! Don’t you just love getting all those piles of books into a new home. If I hit the lottery I’d go to CSN and get about 5 of their 1700 dollar library bookshelves complete with ladder. Ooh, to drool over. I love your A to Z bookends! My verification word is reads! how fun is that.

  4. Cindy says:

    Allison- Thank you for your comments. I am really happy that they all work well together. you have a great blog as well.

    Trisha-Isn’t it a cute little bookcase? Love it. Jason told me I was the only one who included a picture of the truck in my review. LOL

    Lee-Feels good to know I am not the only one with mounds of books. There is no other place Hollow should be. You guys have to come to Canada so that I can get it personally signed HINT HINT LOL I haven’t read it yet. I got to meet Brett when he came to town with his book. I think I have pics of it.

    Kaye-Thanks. I loved putting all the books in the shelves. Feels good to get them organized. I got the book ends at Chapters. I thought they went well with the living room.

    Kathy- you know me so well LOL You would have thought I was waiting for a check or something they way I was. LOL

    Thanks everyone.

  5. Myckyee says:

    Very nice, Cindy! I’m trying to picture the bookcases in your living room – you did really well stocking it up quickly.

    Just a minute, now…when did you go to Chapters again?? 😉

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