Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse Review

PUB DATE: September 9, 2009

Thank you to Paul at Source Books for sending me an ARC of Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse and also for allowing me to be part of the virtual tour of the book. Please check previous post for all the other blogs hosting this tour.

In a bustling metropolis where magic is outlawed, a six-year-old child is found inside a locked bank vault. A scrap of paper reveals his name: Bran Hambric. The child remembers nothing of his life before the vault. Only magic could have done this. But why would any mage risk breaking the law to place a child in a bank vault?

Eight years later the City of Dunce has forgotten about Bran. Even his foster parents don’t seem to know he exists. But there are those who have been watching, biding their time, waiting to strike, people who know where Bran came from and why he was sent away. And they will do anything to get Bran back, dead or alive…

Welcome to a world unlike any other where the adventure of a lifetime is just beginning.


This is Kaleb Nation’s debute novel. Apparently this is the first book in a soon to be series. Which I am really excited about and looking forward to reading.

I have to say that I loved the book and that it kept me drawn into the story and never knowing what was going to happen kept it as a page turner. I have to say that I am not sure I would have picked up this book on my own without hearing about it first. Although I am really happy that I did accept the offer to read it. It was really good and I will be recommending this book to people now.

Bran’s mother Emry is trying desperately to protect her son from a group of people who want him. She puts in him the trunk of her car and prays that he will get to Dunce but she isn’t sure where he might end up or if he will end up anywhere.

Bran is only six years old. He did end up in the city of Dunce and was found that morning in a locked bank vault. Bran had no memories of who he was or where he was from. The only thing that was known was from a scrap of paper with his name written on it.

Sewey works in the bank and he is the one who found Bran.

In the city of Dunce they have a law that is called the Finders Keepers Law and basically what this law means is if you find something then you are obligated to keep it. With this law Sewey is obligated to keep Bran and Bran becomes an unwelcome member of the Wilomas family. Bran is treated more like a servent that anything else along with Rosie who is Mabel’s cousin.

The Wilomas family is quite quirky with a mother (Mabel) who is scared of catching anything and everything takes all kinds of measures to protect herself. Balder, (8 years old) her son is a spoiled kid who wants what he wants and hates it when he is told no. Balderetta, (3 years old) her daughter can never be understood when she talks but apparently the family knows what she is saying.

Also the city of Dunce has strict laws against magic: No Mages, No Gnomes, No etcetera. When Bran finally discovers that he has magic powers he’s in trouble and he knows it. What will he do about this?

When Balder and Balderetta go into their parents room to tell them that burglars are trying to break into the house Sewey doesn’t believe them and sends them back to bed. Then Sewey hears a noise and grabs his gun and tells Bran he is to help him. The next night while Bran and Sewey are sitting on the roof they are attacked by a creature. Bran manages to find out that his name is Shambles and that he is there to take Bran. During the attack Shambles mentions the name Emry Hambric. Telling Bran that’s his mothers name and she wants him to come back. Bran has no idea what he is talking about.

The next morning when he goes to put the trash out the neighbor, Mr.Swinehic comes over to tell Bran he’s cleaned up all the garbage that was on his lawn (bank papers) and found a note that he gave to Bran. This note said “Meet me at midnight in Dunce to pick up Bran. Since I cannot save him, you must do it for me; and in return….” Bran begins to realize that this same paper matches the paper he has when he came to Dunce.

Suddenly Bran begins to question his life and where he came from. He begins to discover that he isn’t a normal boy that he thinks or thought he was. What will Bran do when he finds out the whole truth?

Who are these people that are watching Bran and waiting to get him? Where did Bran come from and why did his mother send him away?

I have to admit that I normally don’t buy a finished copy of any book that I read and review on my blog that is sent to me as an ARC but this is going to be one that I will buy this week when I got on my evening out with Donna on Thursday. I am sure Michael would enjoy this one when he is older.

Has anyone else noticed that Kaleb started writing the book on 03/03/03 and that his book is being released 09/09/09? Hmmm Interesting!


On the third night of the third month in 2003, 14-year-old Kaleb Nation had a sudden idea that began the story of Bran Hambric, a novel that would take most of his teenage years to write.

Kaleb hosted his first radio show in Texas at age thirteen, and has since launched several websites, including and Aside from writing, Kaleb enjoys creating music and blogging. A home-school graduate and a former black belt in taek won do, he currently attends college in Texas and turned 20 in 2008.

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