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PUB DATE: September 2009

Healing Luke is the newest book by author Beth Cornelison. She is the author of several books and has two more that are coming out this fall. The Christmas Stranger (book 1) coming out in October and Blackout at Christmas coming out in November.

Thank you to Danielle at Sourcebooks for helping me with this guest post. I appreciate your help and for allowing me to do this.

Beth started writing stories as a child when she penned a tale about the adventures of her cat, Ajax. A Georgia native, Beth received her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Georgia. After working in Public Relations for a little more than a year, she moved with her husband to Louisiana, where she decided to pursue her love of writing fiction.

Since that time, she has written many books, including her romantic suspense CHASING A DREAM, which reached the final round of the 2000 Golden Heart Contest sponsored by the Romance Writers of America.

In the summer of 2000, AVID PRESS, an electronic publisher, published CHASING A DREAM in electronic format. In 2001 her manuscript PROTECTIVE CUSTODY not only finaled in the Golden Heart contest but went on to win the coveted prize. Beth is active on the board of directors for the North Louisiana Storytellers and Authors of Romance (NOLA STARs).
Beth lives in Louisiana, with her husband, one son, and three cats who think they are people.

Beth has graciously written up this guest post for me and I am honored that she took the time out of her busy schedule to do this for me. Thank You so very much Beth. I hope you will enjoy Beth’s guest post.

Classic food combos: What’s your favorite?

Okay, I know y’all are scratching your heads wondering what the heck classic food combos have to do with books and, more specifically, my new release from Sourcebooks, HEALING LUKE. Honestly, not much! But…

Although I’m a writer and story ideas pop into my head at unexpected moments, thinking up topics for blog posts gives me fits! So when searching for a topic for this post that was a little different and fun, I pulled out a book I have called “The Conversation Piece: Creative Questions to Tickle the Mind.” Don’t ask me where I got the book, because I don’t remember. But I thought it would be neat to find a question from this book of conversation starters and answer the question not only as Beth the author, but also as Luke Morgan and Abby Stanford, hero and heroine of HEALING LUKE.

When I was looking for a good blog question, my eye stopped on this one: Coffee and donuts, ham and cheese— a couple of classic combinations. What food and/or beverage combination is your personal favorite? Why did this question stop me, you ask?

Let me answer by sharing an excerpt from HEALING LUKE. Just before this snippet, Luke learned that his family lied to him about why Abby was hired by his father to live and work with the Morgans. Abby hated the idea that the family was deceiving Luke, and when questioned by him about her real reason for helping the family, she confessed that she was supposed to help Luke with his physical therapy. He doesn’t want her interfering in his therapy but gives her brownie points for being the only one who was honest with him. Fast forward to lunch that same day…
At noon, when Aaron returned and relieved her of her duty in the office, Abby trudged upstairs to the kitchen to find herself some lunch.
Luke sat at the breakfast bar eating, and at the place next to him, she spotted a second plate with a sandwich.
She pointed to the plate. “This belong to anyone?”
“You, if you want it,” he mumbled without looking at her. Abby’s heart warmed. Though it was a simple gesture, she guessed the sandwich was his apology for his behavior. She also knew he’d never admit as much.
“Thank you,” she murmured, taking the stool next to his.
“So why’d you crack? What made you tell me the truth?”
“I don’t like to lie. It goes against my nature. Besides, you deserved the truth. I’d expect as much from you if the tables were turned, and I want you to trust me.”
When he didn’t respond, she took a large bite of her sandwich.
And gagged.
Her eyes darted to Luke, who turned his head slowly to face her, his expression carefully blank.
She chewed and forced herself to swallow. “This is peanut butter and tuna, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is.” He gave her the same triumphant, lopsided grin he’d had before he manhandled her in the office.
“That’s disgusting!” She dropped the sandwich onto the plate and frowned at him. So much for her belief that he wanted to apologize.
“The other night you told me it sounded delicious. Don’t tell me you were lying… again?”
Luke’s expression brightened. A spark of mischief flickered in his eye, and a chuckle bubbled up from inside her.
“Smart aleck,” she said under her breath.
Taking one of the sandwiches off his plate, he handed it to her.
She eyed it warily, the corner of her mouth twitching with amusement. “What’s this one, jelly and mayonnaise?”
“Something like that.” He turned away from her, his features more relaxed than she’d ever seen them. As she studied his profile, she ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, savoring every bite. Gourmet cuisine it was not.
But it was a beginning.
© Beth Cornelison, Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2009

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that earlier in the book when Abby was trying to make friends with Luke and he was being all sarcastic, he told her he was making a peanut butter and tuna sandwich. So as not to let his surliness win, she teasingly told him it sounded delicious… thus the reference in this snippet.

So when I saw the question about food combos, I thought of this scene and of peanut butter and tuna… Gag!

I like this scene, too, because it’s one of the early glimpses of Luke’s wry sense of humor and the kindness and thoughtfulness he’s buried under his bitterness over his accident.
How would Abby and Luke answer the favorite food combo when not teasing about tuna and peanut butter? Abby: I’m a carb freak. Love me some pasta! Gotta say macaroni and cheese! Luke: Pizza and beer.

And me…ooooo, the sweets do it for me. I vote for hot chocolate chip cookies (or hot brownies) and cold milk. Mmmmm… now I’m hungry!

Okay, your turn! What is your favorite food/drink combo?

Thanks for the opportunity to guest blog today! I hope everyone will check out HEALING LUKE, out now from Sourcebooks! Have a delicious day….
Beth Cornelison

Thanks to Danielle she is allowing me to giveaway 2 copies of Healing Luke to one US and one Canadian commentor. Please note that they can not mail to PO Boxes so a valid mailing address is required.

Please leave a comment in this post with the answer to Beth’s question… What is your favorite food/drink combo?

Please make sure to leave an email address so that I can contact you if you win and please let me know where you are from. Failure to do so will result in your entry not being included in the draw.

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  1. Linda Ellen says:

    *drools at book cover*…

    Oops, that was rude of me. Hmm, my favourite food drink combo, well, one of them anyway, it’s tonkinese soup (pho) and tea. =) I’m from the wonderful world of Canada!!

    And Cindy, I will be there on the 13th. 1PM? =)

    By the way, I’m giving away a copy of The Tale of Despereaux. Swing by when you have the time.=)

  2. Virginia says:

    Hey, I am a new follower from VA! Fresh hot coffee and reheated leftover pizza (for breakfast)! This sounds like a story to tug the heartstrings, and I’d love to win. gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  3. Beth C says:

    Hi everyone!
    Sounds like there are a lot of fans of pizze out there! My son is right there with ya!
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorite foods. Hapve a great Labor Day weekend!
    Beth C

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