Books Bought #18

Books Bought is a meme that I am hosting here on Cindy’s Love of Books. The purpose of the meme is to list any books you physically have bought either weekly, monthly etc.

Physically bought books can be books you either bought at a friends of the library sale, yard sale, used book store etc. as long as you bought them

As you might have noticed I haven’t bought anything for a little while now and I was doing okay but then this past week I had the urge to go book shopping. I tried to put it off but I couldn’t. I am weak. I hate to admit it but for me book shopping is like an addiction and you need to have your fix and that is my case. I am actually surprised that I managed to go this long without buying anything. I am hoping that the next time will be a month later from today.

Anyways Thursday night Donna/Books Bound, her daughter and myself headed to chapters to do a little shopping. I think a little shopping would be a understatement, not on my part though. The person shall remain nameless. LOL

For Michael I bought:
-Horrid Henry’s Stinkbomb
-Horrid Henry and the Soccer Fiend
-Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse
-Horrid Henry and the Scary Sitter
-Horrid Henry’s Christmas
-Horrid Henry’s Underpants

Horrid Henry’s books are all by Francesca Simon. They are for ages 7-10. Michael loves reading them and we always laugh when we read them.

For myself I bought:
-The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson (This is the first book in the series for YA)
-Confessions of a teen nanny #1 by Victoria Ashton
-Confessions of a teen nanny: Rich Girls #2 by Victoria Ashton (this was on sale for $5.39)
-Confessions of a teen nanny: Juicy Secrets #3 by Victoria Ashton (this was on sale for $5.39)
-Love at first click by Elizabeth Chandler
-Company’s Coming: School Days Lunches by Jean Pare. (I was happy when I found this one as these cookbooks are always expensive and I managed to get it for $6.29 CAN)

What books did you buy this week?

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