Two Years, No Rain Review & TLC Book Tours

PUB DATE: June 2009

I have to say Thank You to Lisa at TLC Book Tours for allowing me to be a part of the tour for Two Years, No Rain.


An earnest journey from heartache to heartthrob and all the emotions along the way; at once an old-fashioned love story and a cautionary tale of self-reinvention.

In San Diego County, it hasn’t rained in 580 days. But for weatherman Andy Dunne, everything else is changing fast…Only a few weeks ago, he was a newly divorced, slightly overweight meteorologist for an obscure satellite radio station, hiding his secret love for a colleague, the beautiful—and very much married—Hillary Hsing. But nearly overnight, Andy has landed a new gig, flying a magic carpet in a bizarre live-action children’s TV show. So what is affable, basically decent Andy Dunne going to do now that he can do practically anything he wants? With a parade of hot moms begging for his autograph and a family that needs his help more than ever, Andy has a lot of choices. First, though, there’s this thing with Hillary, their heated text messages, a long-awaited forecast for rain – and a few other surprises he never saw coming.


I have to admit I was gushing when I opened Two Years, No Rain to read for two reasons, one this book sounded really good when I heard about it and the second was that it was a signed copy. I always get excited when I discover a book that is sent is a signed copy.

Shawn is a new to me author. He wrote Jessica Z last year. After reading Two Years, No Rain I am really excited to pick you Jessica Z to read. Perhaps in the very near future a review of it will appear on this blog.

I really enjoyed reading Two Years, No Rain and right now I would be willing to send them all the rain we have been having.

Andy is a 30 something guy, newly divorced (living in a house with not furniture) and works at a satellite radio station reporting the weather. Although right now with two years of no rain and nothing in site Andy is having a hard time to report the weather Southern California.

When is love interest Hillary (they have been friends) tells him about a voice audition that is happening he is reluctant at first but with her persuasion he agrees to make a demo and go to the audition. Before Andy realizes it he is hired as the host of the children’s show. Which is perfect because at the satellite radio station there is cutbacks and he looses his job.

Andy is trying to deal with his failed marriage and his ex-wife’s affair that ended the marriage. Andy is also a family man who cares about his family as he tries to help his sister and her family because her husband is a chaplain who is in the war. He takes Hannah, his niece under his wing because Hannah and her mother are constantly fighting and everyone agrees that being able to have another place to crash whenever Hannah needs it is a good thing. He is also still grieving the loss of his twin brother.

As the book progresses we see that Andy and Hillary (who’s unfortunately married) relationship begin to form. Its all just casual flirting by text and phone calls until her husband discovers this and tells Andy to back off. Which they do but then a chance at going to Hong Kong arises, will Andy take Hillary with him? Will this relationship have a chance to blossom like the rosebush Hannah planted in her uncles yard?

I loved Andy he was just your typical guy next door that you would fall in love with. You couldn’t help but root for him throughout the book and hoped that he would come out on top in the end.

Another thing I loved about the book was “When the world ends, the readers will be spared. You and I will be spared, together, just because we cherish books.” Isn’t that a great quote?

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After growing up in the midwest, Shawn Klomparens moved to the Northern Rockies in 1994 for what he thought would be a one-year break from graduate studies. Grad school was quickly forgotten for the mountains, though, and in the fifteen years since he’s worked as a bicycle mechanic, line cook, computer geek, and writer. He continues to live and write in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife and two children.
His debut novel, Jessica Z, came out in 2008. Two Years, No Rain is his second book.

You can check out Shawn’s site here.

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