The Chosen One Review

PUB DATE: May 2009

I bought this book after seeing quite a few reviews for it lately. Of course it being about polygamy, a topic I have been interested in lately sold me right away.

I bought the book at the end of June so this is being applied to the Buy a Book/Read a book for June.

Kyra is a 13 year old girl ho has lived her whole life in a polygamy compound. She has never questioned her life before now. Her father has three wives (Sarah, Claire and Victoria) and she has 10 brothers and 10 sister with two more on the way. The ages range from 8 months old to 17 years old.

Kyra is basically like your typical teenager who likes boys and likes to read. Both of which are forbidden. Kyra really likes this boy named Joshua. The sneak off to be together. If the prophet found out she would be in trouble as in all polygamy groups young girls are not suppose to be with any boy before she is married and they have no say on who they will be with. She is hoping that this will change with Joshua and that the prophet will allow them to be together.

Reading of books is forbidden and its deemed the work of the devil. Kyra spots the Ironton County Mobile Library driving by and one day the guy stops the truck when he sees Kyra. She gets into the truck, she misses reading. At one time there was books allowed until one day they were told to burn them. So Kyra allows takes a book and hides it in her dress. She has read: Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone, Anne of Green Gables, Little house on the Prairie and a few others.

The Prophet has come to inform Kyra’s family that Kyra will be married. She is excited because she thinks she will be marrying Joshua. Her excitement is short lived when she finds out who she is to be married too. She is upset and says she will not marry. Who would the prophet assign Kyra too? Could it be that bad that she would refuse? Will Joshua be able to help Kyra?

I enjoyed reading this but the only thing that really bothered me was the abuse and the extent it went too. Does this really happen to the women and children on compounds? As fascinated as I am in polygamy I don’t think I would make a good sister wife. Not being able to have a say and to protect my children just seems wrong. Also when young girls are being told to marry some 3 to 4 times their age is just wrong.

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