Swimsuit Review

PUB DATE: June 2009

I have to send a huge THANK YOU to Miriam at Hachette for sending me Swimsuit to read and review.

As many of you know by now I am a huge James Patterson fan. I can actually read his books in a day and this was the case for this book. It was shortly after the Quebec holiday that we had family in town and decided to go to the zoo which is about an hour out of Montreal and I made sure to pack this book into the bag and I was going to read it on the way there as well as sitting in the water park. I was lucky enough to grab a lounger and there I sat while the kids took part in the water park.

I could not put the book down so I was really disappointed on the way home when we hit a huge thunder and lightening storm with tons of rain needless to say I stayed up late that night to finish this book.

This is James Patterson’s newest book to be released. He has been writing since 1976. He has written over 50 books. Both fiction for adults and series for young adults.

I am always wondering whenever I pick up his books if I will like it? Does he still have that IT factor? The answers to those questions are YES! I LOVED IT! and YES He does still have that IT factor. I am amazed that he does still have IT after writing well over 50 books. He is writing because he wants to not because he has too. He manages to suck you in as a reader and makes it impossible to put his books down.

This is the case in Swimsuit. Swimsuit is about Kim Daniels who is a beautiful swimsuit model. She is in Hawaii on a photo shoot when she goes missing. No one knows she is missing until her parents get a late night phone call saying that she is missing. Her parents manage to get flights out to Hawaii right away so they can search for Kim. No one is really concerned at first because they think she ran off to enjoy Hawaii.

Her parents are trying to get into speak with the Police but funny enough they have odd hours. With the help of Ben Hawkins who is an ex-cop who is turned reporter for the LA Times. He offers to help the family out and tells them he can be an asset to them with the investigation.

With more bodies turning up and no witnesses or evidence everyone is scrambling to find out who this killer is and why is he killing.

The killer video tapes each of the killings because there is a price on all of these videos and an elite group who is willing to watch them. He calls them the PEEPS. They are a bunch of wealthy people who will pay big bucks for a cheap thrill that doesn’t get their hands dirty.

Will they be able to stop the killer before he kills again or will more lives end?

If you have never read Patterson before and are looking for something then I have to suggest this one. Its a stand alone book. It will suck you in from page one.

James Patterson has three upcoming books this year:

  • Alex Cross Trials set to be released in August 2009
  • I, Alex Cross set to be released in November 2009
  • Witch Wizard set to be released in December 2009

Come back at the end of August for my review of Alex Cross Trials.

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