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Its that time of the month again when I got to meet up as a group with Avis, Donna and Tina at our little tea shop. The tea shop is called Chat Noir and its located in Verdun, Quebec. (Its on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Wellington Street)

Here is a picture from the outside of the tea shop: (Next time I will get a better picture of the front of the tea shop.)

Here are some pictures inside the tea shop:

(First pic-is inside the store of the front entrance)

(Second pic-is of the kitchen and cash. Those silver tins are full of tea’s)

(Third pic- this is where we sit each and every month.)

I love our meet ups because its nice to talk about books, what we got in the mail, the latest news in books (such as negative reviews and authors comments) and we even spoke about NY again.

Here is the books that made their way home with me:

From Tina I got: This Toy Story 2 VHS she picked up at a yard sale for Michael, (I have been looking for this for Michael as we are always borrowing it from the library.) Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner and this Lake Champlain bookmark from her little vacation recently.

From Donna I snagged The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler.

It was another great meet up with some great Ice Tea, Hot Apple Cider and cheesecake. See you guys in August.

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6 thoughts on “Local Book Blogger Meet up

  1. Linda Ellen says:

    I’m so happy to meet another Montrealer! I actually live in Laval (don’t tell anyone!) and I must MUST visit this tea shop. I’ll take the bus, I’ll take the metro…

    I’m very happy to meet you Cindy, and thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I will follow you too. =)

  2. Michael says:

    I’m waiting for the photos from the throw-down when you show up for your monthly meet up and somebody is sitting at your place! Actually, no, sorry – we’re Canadian.
    Looks like a great place to chat.

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