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PUB DATE: July 2009

I have to say thank you to Lisa at TLC tours for allowing me to be a part of the tour for this book and to HCI Books for sending me the book.

Finding your footing has never been so much fun!
Can you remember the magic you felt when you slipped on your mother’s high heels; your very own first pair of pumps; your excursion for the perfect professional pair; the glory of finding the most comfortable shoes, and your first ballet slippers, Mary Janes, or running shoes? In these pairs of shoes reside distinct journeys, phases of life, triumphs and tragedies, precious memories, and lessons learned.
In ‘Honey, It’s All in the Shoes’ Phyllis Norton Hoffman takes you on a journey examining these defining moments, sharing what she has learned when she was required to wear different shoes-from a mother and wife to entrepreneur and businesswoman to publishing powerhouse to doting grandmother- and provides advice for women on putting their best foot forward, no matter their role, circumstance, or stage of life. Hoffman’s fun, nostalgic, and intriguing exploration of the phases of her own life and the virtues that she’s lived by gives you hope, confidences, and pride in the life you are already living and the life you are planning ahead. Everything you need is all in the shoes! Through your own recollections and understanding of what your own shoe closet holds and represents, you will discover your true worth as a woman.

I have to admit that for me I don’t have a closet full of shoes but I do love looking at shoes. I basically I have a couple pairs of flip flops, sandles, dress books and two pairs of high heel shoes. Nothing to big or anything that compares to Phyllis’s collection or I am sure other women’s collections.

I wish that when I looked at these shoes special memories came to mind but sadly nothing does for me I think of them just as shoes.

It was nice to read Phyllis’s book because it was like walking in her shoes. In her book she talks about the history of shoes, her life and a recipe or two. She talks about growing up in the South and the protocol that Southern women seem to follow even to this day it seems. From the impression I got it seems like money is never an issue but looking good is. Which is so true it doesn’t matter if you got money just as long as you look good.

I loved this quote “Just as no two women share the same shoe closet, no two women share the same exact life experiences,” and I think we would all agree with this statement. I am sure I have shoes in my closet that no one else has just as no one else has them same life experiences that I have.

Another nice thing about the book was that she included some quotes from celebrities, proverbs, music, movies etc (“I’m not waiting forever to get those shoes!” Wicked Witch of the West -Wizard of Oz). She also has illustrated pictures of shoes, along with illustrations of The Queen, Princess Diana, Dorothy and her ruby red shoes along with many more.

Did you know that the first pair of high heels ever worn in recorded history belongs to a bride and one of the most celebrated women in history? It was Catherine de Medici and it happened in 1533 when she married Henry the second of France.

A leading figure in the publishing industry, Phyllis Norton Hoffman is majority owner and president of Hoffman Media, LLC.
A native of Hoover, Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, she began her career as a Certified Public Accountant with a nationally known firm before founding a special-interest publication company in 1983 that is now known as Hoffman Media, LLC.

Hoffman is recognized industry-wide as a savvy businesswoman and talented entrepreneur. She serves as the creative engine of the company, producing an ever-widening range of beautiful magazines including TeaTime, Southern Lady, Just CrossStitch, Sew Beautiful, and Taste of the South magazines. She is also a sought-after speaker across the country, a devoted wife and mother and a church and community leader.

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