The 48 Hour Book Challenge Hour 7 1/2

Wow hard to believe that I am 7 1/2 hours into the Book Challenge. Here is my stats as of now:

PAGES READ: 321 pages
HOURS READ: 4 hours
SNACKS/FOOD CONSUMED: Moka coffee with fruit loops (breakfast)
coffee w/ minestrone soup & roast beef panini (lunch)
glass of pepsi with chocolate chip cookie & Ice Cream sandwich
Glass of water with tylenol (headache)

MINI REVIEW: (I will be posting a longer review after the challenge)

The Sinful Life Of Lucy Burns by Elizabeth Leiknes
The book is about Lucy Burns who basically sold her soul to the devil when she was 10 years old. Her sister Ellen got hit by a truck and almost died. There were so pretty funny moments in the book and it proved to be a quick and easy read.

Neil Armstrong is my uncle & other lies Muscle Man McGinity told me by Nan Marino
The book is about Muscle Man who is a 10 year old liar. He tells some major lies. One day he threatens the kids on the street to a game of kick ball. Tamara is hoping she can prove Muscle Man to be the liar she thinks he is. The story takes place in 1969 when the war is happening and Neil Armstrong makes the first walk on the moon. it was a fun and easy read.

I probably won’t get back to reading until after supper as Michael is home from school and asking me to help him with what feels like 50 thousand things. Good Luck everyone. I am also taking the break because of a headache I have.

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