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PUB DATE: March 2009

Thank you to Miriam at Hachette for sending me this book to read and review. This is part of the Early Bird Blog Tour.

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Sarah Dunn is the author of The Big love which I haven’t read yet.

First I have to tell you my favorite part of the book. It was this passage on page 109.

“So, on this particular Sunday afternoon, before she has so much as walked through the bookstore’s front doors, Holly had made a few rules for herself: (1)she could only buy books she actually intended to read; (2)they had to be light enough that she could take the subway home; and (3) she couldn’t spend more the thirty bucks.”

I could relate to this in so many ways as I am always saying something like that before I walk into a bookstore. Thankfully the second works really well if I go downtown to the bookstore as I am busing it and then the metro. Needless to say and I admit I don’t follow the rules. What fun would it be to do that?

Secrets to Happiness is about Holly Frick who is a divorced (she is still in love with her ex, Alex)television writer. Her career is slowly dwindling. She’s written a novel called Hello, Mr Heartache but it sold less than 500 copies. Not your typical best seller.

Trying to get over Alex has been hard for Holly. She is still hoping that they will get back together. She still loves him. When Holly attends a baby shower given by her old friend Betsy she meets Betsy’s 22 year old brother Lucas and begins an affair with him. She figures she should have some fun if Alex is.

Amanda is Holly’s best friend and she’s married to Mark. They have a thirteen month old son named Jacob. Amanda tells Holly about her affair with Jack. She tells Holly that she has to meet him. When Holly agrees to meet him she doesn’t like him. Then a chance meeting she sees him and they agree to go out for coffee.

Amanda ends her affair with Jack when she realizes she doesn’t want to loose what she has. Amanda insists that Holly contact him. Really what kind of person would do that? I don’t think I could do that, could you?

Holly and Jack begin to date. Dating Jack, Holly ends her affair with Lucas. Shortly after Amanda and Jack decide to continue their affair and realizing he still cares about Amanda he breaks up with Holly.

I should also mention that in the beginning of the book Holly decides she is going to adopt a dog. She goes to the animal shelter to adopt a dog. There is one that catches her eye a dog named Chester. Chester has a brain tumor she finds this out after being drawn to him. His owners brought him to the shelter cause they couldn’t afford the operation. A vet has offered to do the operation so that Chester will live. I think this was a great thing that Holly did to adopt a sick dog.

There is alot going on in the book and at times it can be confusing. I know at times I had to flip back a few pages. Over all I enjoyed it. I was even laughing out loud at a few spots.

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