Local Book Blogger Meet up

Sunday June 14th was the regular Book Blogger monthly meet up with Avis, Donna and Tina. We met at our regular little tea shop. I will have to remember to take a picture at the next meet up so you can see our little spot. Its not very big and only sits about 20 or so people but the teas, hot chocolates and other drinks are delicious.

This was one meet up where everyone was excited to go. Donna was the lucky one this year as she got to go to BEA in May so the topic of conversation was about BEA (everything about BEA), the Strand and books of course. She was kind enough to bring the catalogs she picked up at BEA so we got to look at them while she talked about BEA. Thank you Donna for graciously lending me one of your catalogs.

We are all hoping to go next year and we have decided that we need to start saving now. Watch out NYC 4 wild Montrealers are going to be hitting your city next year. Brace yourselves.
I also have to thank Donna for the little bag of goodies she got for us while she was in NYC/BEA. She was very generous and got everyone a little something. Since everyone shared and showed their goodies, I will share with you what Michael and I got.

I put everything together.

From the Strand she picked up: Strand totebag (that is one store I plan on visiting when I am in NY next year), a pen, Sticky notes (will come in handy while reviewing books) and a tshirt for Michael.

A Doodletop for Michael. (its a top that you spin and put a marker in so when you spin it the marker leaves a mark on the paper)

From BEA: a luggage tag (got the hint for next year Donna LOL) a nubs dog tag, BEA bookmark with save the dates (another hint to go to BEA LOL) a cd with assorted songs on it, a audiosample from NPR Road Trips, and some books, Star Wars the clone wars w/bookmark, Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon, Publication Services Glossary of publishing terms, Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble and Discover the Amazon by Lauri Berkenkamp.

Thank You so very much Donna.

As for books we exchange I have been giving Donna quite a few when I meet up with her on Fridays and I brought Avis the ones she asked for. This is what I got from Avis:

Thanks for the presents Donna and Avis thanks for the books. See you in July.

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