Holly’s Inbox Review

PUB DATE: June 1, 2009

Have you ever wanted to read someone else’s emails? I am sure deep down you wanted to or perhaps you have. We are curious by nature. Remember that old saying about curiosity killed the cat?

Well in case you ever wanted to read someone else’s inbox now you have the chance. You need to pick up this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Holly’s Inbox is about Holly Denham and she is a 29 year old, (inexperienced) receptionist working at Huerst and Wright. They are a huge financial Institute.

The book is written in email form. The emails are between Holly and a wide range of characters that are family, friends and coworkers. There is always a section with emails from Trish and Toby. Trish is her coworker and Toby is an ex boyfriend.

The emails span over a 5 month period while Holly is adjusting to a new job, a secret love affair with a VP, the return of her ex, family problems and a backstabbing coworker.

Out of all the characters in the book I truly loved her grandmother. The grandmother just got set up with a computer and learning about the web. She emails Holly and before Holly knows it her grandmother is signing her up for cheap flights (so that Holly will visit more) and to dating sites. Can you imagine your grandmother doing that to you? Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that.

The only thing the book lacked was when they mentioned attachments they didn’t include that in the book but you can check out hhtp://www.hollysinbox.com to see them.

Before the book there was a website http://www.hollysinbox.com and it became a huge it with thousands of people logging on to read what was happening next as it was done on a daily bases. It became so popular that they made it into this book. The emails were collected and printed.

You can also see Holly’s MySpace page here http://www.myspace.com/Hollysinbox

Thank you to Danielle at Sourcebooks for sending me this book to read. I am so happy that I did. I am loving British chicklit more and more. When I first got the book I was a little nervous wondering how would I ever read this because its 665 pages. Don’t let that fool you because once you start reading it, the book is a breeze. Its a little and fun read. Be prepared for some laughing moments.

Also Thanks again to Bill for doing the interview with me and for stopping by to comment on the interview. Can’t wait to see what happens next to Holly.

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