Frenchman’s Creek Review

PUB DATE: March 2009 (reprinted)

I have heard Daphne Du Maurier but never read any of her books. I haven’t read anything by her before as they are historical fiction. As many of you know historical fiction isn’t a genre that I normally read. I have to say I don’t know why I don’t read it as there is no real reason why. I have tried several times to read historical fiction but about 50 pages in I always abandon the book.

When Danielle at Sourcebooks offered me Frenchman’s Creek, I figured I would try it out and perhaps this would be the book that would get me hooked on historical fiction. The book description sounded really good and I think that is another reason I jumped at the chance to review it. When the book came in I started to read it right away.

I have to say that I love the cover.

Frenchman’s Creek is set in the 17th century in London, England. Lady St. Columb is the main character. From the name you know assume that she is well do and she is just that but she is also a bored housewife with kids and is falling out of love with her husband. Can we say midlife crisis’s? She wants a change in her life. Her husband adores her and allows her to go to their estate in Cornwall to figure things out. She takes the kids and heads to Cornwall. On the way there she thinks that it will be quiet and peaceful but suddenly realizes it will be anything but quiet and peaceful as there is a ship anchored in the water off the property.

Lady St. Columb discovers a mysterious man (Jean-Beniot Aubrey) who she becomes intrigued by. He makes her laugh, smile and feel alive. When she discovers that he is really the pirate that is terrorizing her neighbors she knows she should end things with him but she can’t she is already attracted to him and he is attracted to her. It turns into a bitter sweet love affair.

The only thing wrong is the nosey neighbors as they threaten Lady St. Columb’s happiness and her life. What will she do when Lord St Columb comes to the estate?

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