Friends of the Library Book Sale 2009

This weekend was our annual Friends of the Library Book Sale. I have to admit I only started to go to them about 3 years ago. No idea why I never went before that but once I went I was happy to have gone. I always seem to find a few goodies in the sale. This year I got all this for $25.

This is what I bought:

3 VHS videos: Mary Poppins, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Veggie Tales.

Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras-Cathy Hopkins
Last Summer- Hailey Abbott
Its not the end of the world- Judy Blume (never read this one)
Broken for You- Stephanie Kallos
Summertime-Raffaella Barker (love the cover)
A Charmed Death -Madelyn Alt
Hex marks the Spot- Madelyn Alt
Backpack-Emily Barr
Baggage-Emily Barr
Dinosaur Roar-Paul&Henrietta Stickland
Incredible flying machines
Amazing Flying Machines
Flying Machines
What’s Inside Boats
Thomas Railway Word Book
I didn’t know that some trains run on water
The kids can press French & English word book
Where’s Waldo now
Everything incredible how things are made
6 Berenstain Bears Books-Trick or Treat/new neighbors/on the job/no girls allowed/too much birthday/big road race

16 French books in assorted titles
April bubbles Chocolate An ABC of poetry
Sing a song Mother Goose
Sam’s Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

I will occassionally buy french books for Michael from Scholastic school orders but not every often as french books are really expensive. To give you an idea if I was to buy Calliou in English its about $5 but in french its almost $10. Its almost double the price. Which is really too bad.

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3 thoughts on “Friends of the Library Book Sale 2009

  1. Cindy says:

    Yan yea got some great books. Especially the few french ones I managed to get as well.

    Kathy Michael does too. They had a pile of them that Michael wanted to get but I told him that he already had some at home. He couldn’t remember the ones he had so the ones we got I knew we didn’t have.

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