**Always Watching Review

PUB DATE: May 2009

This is the first book of the mother-daughter collaboration of Brandilyn and Amberly Collins. There is a second book called Last Breath which is due to be released on October 2009. Which I have to say that I will be dying to read.

This book is part of the First Wild Card Tour that is taking place today. I am going on record for saying that I LOVED the book. It was a page turner for me from the first page. I admit I had to read it all in one day. I tried to put it down several times but I couldn’t because I had to read what was going to happen next.

Always Watching is about teenage girl named Shaley O’Connor. Her mother is a rock star named Rayne O’Connor. The book opens with the concert and Shaley getting ready to leave for the airport to pick up her best friend, Brittney. She is waiting for Tom, who is her mother’s make up artist. As the time is getting closer to leave Tom is now where to be found. Shaley and Mick, a body guard, go looking for him. Shaley discovers Tom’s body in one of the rooms. At first she thinks he is joking but then realizes that he was murdered.

The next day she receives a package she opens it up to disover a white rose wrapped in green paper tied with a red ribbon with a note that says “Always Watching”. She thinks its from her father, she has no idea who her father is, and doesn’t really worry about it until she heads to the local mall with Brittney and Bruce, another body guard. She is then surrounded by paparazzi asking all kinds of questions about the murder. Finally getting out of the mall and into the limo she finds a photo that was taken the night before as they were entering the hotel with “Always Watching” written on the back.

In the next town another murder happens and the victim is Bruce. Thinking its another body guard who is responsible Shaley puts her trust in the wrong person but then realizes that she is actually with the killer.

I have to say the suspence in the book was great. Reading the book I had no idea who the killer was until he revealed himself in the end. I was wondering why Shaley was targeted and I wondered who the person was that had hired the killer to watch out for her and why? I guess that will be revealed in Last Breath.

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