**Stop The Traffik People Shouldn’t Be Bought & Sold Review

PUD DATE: April 1 2009

I had just seen a documentary of trafficking the night before First Wild Card Tours had announced this book so I really wanted to read it. Its not really a book its sort of like a magazine. Its filled with all kinds of photos, charts and graphs. There is also stories from the girls and women who were bought and sold.

The book is produced by the United Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking.

We hear stories every day about this and its sad to see it still goes on in every part of the world. It was sad to read that parents and family members were actually selling their children for a little bit of money. As a parent I could never sell my child no matter how badly I needed money. Its also sad to see that as humans we have no repect for other humans and that we are looked at not as humans but was objects to be bought and sold.

Stop the Traffik was formed in 2006. Their mission is to put an end to people trafficking, preventing the sale of people, prosecuting the traffickers and protecting the victims.

They estimate that for every minute two children are trafficked for sex and that roughly 1.2 million a year. They also report that 98% of the ones that are trafficked are girls and women. To date this is the most common form of trafficking.

Other forms of trafficking are domestic slaves, child soldiers. organ and forced labour.

To find out how you can be a part or for more info go to www.stopthetraffik.org

The book was okay it had some interesting facts and to read the personal stories of the victims was interesting to see why and how they were sold. The majority was sold because the were in poverty and either wanted to support their families (they thought the money was being sent home which it wasn’t) or they had drug, alcohol or medical problems and they needed quick money.

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