New York Debut (Carter House Girls BK 6) Review

PUB DATE: May 1 2009

This is book six in the Carter House Girls series called New York Debut.

I am really enjoying this series. These are great books for young adults. There is nothing graphic in them. They are very good reads with a message in each one. I find that these books need to be read in order so that you can understand the characters and storyline.

The book begins were book five, Lost In Las Vegas left off. We know that Taylor went into rehab in LA for her drinking problem.

The book opens with “Where is our Taylor?” asks Grandmother pleasantly. She doesn’t know about Taylor going into rehab. DJ begins to tell her Grandmother why she went to rehab. DJ thinks she is somewhat responsible for it all happening. The only ones who know where Taylor is, is Casey, Connor and Rhiannon. She makes them promise not to say anything to the other girls because she thinks its Taylor’s place to tell them.

Kriti has come back from Christmas vacation not her normal self which the girls seem to notice right away. When DJ discovers what is really wrong with Kriti she gathers Rhiannon and Casey and they plan an intervention. There would be no story if nothing happened to a character or characters right?

When Eliza returns from Europe she wants to know where Taylor is and will stop at nothing to find out. With New Years Eve approaching Eliza asks Mrs Carter if its okay if she can help out Harry and have a New Years Eve party. Mrs Carter agrees once Eliza says she will take full responsibility for it. Knowing there will be trouble the other girls decide they want no part of it and make other plans. We all know it wouldn’t be a story if nothing happened right? Well lets just say the police were involved and Eliza went to jail. Mrs Carter puts her under house arrest and she has to clean up the house.

With New York Fashion Week approaching Mrs Carter begins to prep the girls for the fashion show. They have been invited to Fashion Week and model for a new and upcoming designer Dylan. Mrs Carter decides to open up the training for other girls in the community to give them a chance to go to NY. Of the girls who will be training is Madison and Tina. If you remember from previous books they are the mean jealous girls who go to the same school as the Carter house girls.

Who will go to Fashion Week? Will Taylor come back from LA? What will happen in New York?

I mentioned before that I am really liking this series by Melody Carlson. The characters are all believable. This time for some reason I didn’t like Eliza. I think it was her whole attitude of being better then everyone else. I didn’t really like her throughout the series but this time she seemed to rub me the wrong way. Its nice to see Casey turning herself around.

Book 7 & 8 are in the works. I can’t wait to read book seven called Bikini Breakout. What will happen when the girls go on spring break?

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