Meet up with local Book Bloggers

Today was my monthly meet up with Avis, Donna and Tina. It was another great meet up with some great drinks. This time I had an apple strawberry cold drink and two pots of hot chocolate. They are the best.

I also brought home the following books: Dead Cold by Louise Penny and Light on Snow by Anita Shreve. Thanks to Donna for those two books. Thank You to Tina for Fifty is Not a Four Letter Word by Linda Kelsey. Can’t wait to read them.

Since burning my hand earlier in the month I was unable to give away any books this time because I need them for my reviews. I am sure next meet up I will have quite a few to offer.

It is so much fun being able to talk about books with everyone. We always have a great time and the time always seems to go so fast. When we meet up next month we will be meeting near my house cause there is a huge library sale that we are all going to go to and then go for coffee. See you guys in May.

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