Its A Green Thing: Diary of a Teenage Girl Review

PUB DATE: February 17,2009

This is the second book in the series. Maya is one year older in this book. She still wants a normal life. Maya is dealing with the difficulties of being a Christian, trying to live a normal life, living with her uncle and cousin, having a boyfriend and a rebelous friend Marissa.

We find out that Shannon, Maya’s mother is in prison for possession. Her father is touring in Europe with his band. Living with her uncle and cousin, Maya is beginning to feel as though she is a normal teenager. Things feel as though they are coming together for Maya. She is still thinking about the emancipation cause she is worried about when Shannon gets out of prison.

Maya begins her summer vacation and her art teacher has suggested that Maya paint a mural. She agrees to do it and enlists the help of Marissa who is going to help out as part of her community service hours. Realizing she needs more help she asks Caitlin if she could ask around the church so Caitlin gets four kids from youth group to help out.

Things are going good for Maya. She is working and her father bought her a hybrid car so that she is able to get around. Just as things are looking up for Maya she discovers she is being sued by Brooke and her family. Brooke fell while she was helping with the mural. From the fall she got up and said she was okay and refused to go to the hospital. When she discovers who Maya’s father is she fakes her injuries. While Maya find out that Brooke is faking her injuries?

After the mural is done Maya and Dominic beginning dating and Maya feels that things are getting serious fast so she panics and breaks up with Dominic. Will Maya regret breaking up with Dominic?

Marissa is Maya’s best friend and she is the party girl who likes to have fun and drink. Up until now Marissa has always been lucky but her luck as run out she is in a serious car accident. She almost dies from her head injuries. Will Marissa survive this and finally see that its wrong to drink and drive?

Maya uncle is really impressed with Maya and her going green that he offers her a spot in the paper to write a Green column and before she knows it she is offered a spot on tv. Will Maya decide to do it?

I am really looking forward to book three in this series, if there is a book three. I checked Melody’s site and there is no mention of a new book..yet! I enjoyed this book and there was more going green tips at the end of each chapter.

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