Hindsight: What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers!

PUB DATE: March 24, 2009

I have to send a big thank you to Alicia for contacting me about the book and thank you to Maryanne for signing it and for sending it too me.

I am sure at one point in our lives we have had the knack for attracting Mr. Wrong(s). (Or we are in the process of being with a Mr Wrong.) I was told that when it comes to relationships that timing is everything and if you wait it will happen. If you rush into a relationship then you will regret it and end up with a heartache and wasted time.

If we only knew what we know after the fact, I think it would help to know what we need to know before we “drop your drawers” so that it can save us from tons of heartache and wasted time.

Have you ever wondered how it can be so stressful in finding a man for you and then you see others where it seems like it just falls into their laps? I have been the one who would stress and wonder if I would ever find a man for me and then see friends that would get a guy. I always thought it was so unfair. It would turn out that those relationships never worked because they had found the Mr Wrong.

The book HINDSIGHT: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU DROP YOUR DRAWERS will guide you through the challenges of dating. It will offer you solutions on how to find the right guy for you, how to get him, and how to keep him.

Maryanne reveals the six tools you need to know to create the perfect guy. The six tools she talks about is the mirror, the magnet, the stud finder, the flashlight, the compass and the hammer. Maryanne teaches the reader about the tools and how we can turn them into lifelong skills. There are a few quizzes you can take in the chapters as well. One of the exercises I enjoyed was making a list of guys you dated and what you liked about them and then you had to write why the relationship ended and from there you could see a little pattern developing.

I have to admit I normally don’t read these kinds of books but once I started to read it I was enjoying it. There was even parts of the book where I was laughing out loud. The best was her first public speaking appearance. To be a fly on that wall and I wonder what Veronica was thinking at first.

You can check out Maryanne’s site here: http://www.MaryanneLive.com

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