The Ten Year Nap Review

PUB DATE: April 2008

Thank You to Caitlin at FSB for sending me this book.

I was curious to read it when Caitlin sent me the email about the book. I am a stay at home mom and I have been out of the work place for almost 7 years now. For me it was important that I stayed home to raise my son. I grew up in a house where my mother stayed home, as did most mother’s in the 70’s. I watched friends and family who had kids and both parents worked and their kids went to daycare for the day. They would often say how they didn’t have time at night to really spend with their kids. For me personally I wanted to stay home so that I could spend time with my son, cause I know there will be a day when he doesn’t want me around.

Last year I put my son into a preschool to not only introduce him to school but to also gaining some Independence so that I could go back to work. That was suppose to be the plan for kinder garden. While he was at school I would work part time but that didn’t happen because he didn’t make the transition into school that well. If you know me then you know what a hard 6-8 weeks I had. So seeing that things are going a little better we started to talk about me going back to work in the fall of 09. My son has told me that right now he worries about having to go to after school daycare and how long a day he will have. So in the fall when I go back to work I think it will only be part time so that I am still able to be home when he gets off the bus instead of the daycare.

Anyways about the book its about four New York women who have decided to give up their careers so that they can stay home to raise there kids.

Amy ten years ago was a lawyer. She is married for 13 years. Her husband is a lawyer. Her plan was to have her son and then go back to work after her maternity leave but she had a change of plan. They managed to rearrange their fiances so that she could stay home. Ten years later seeing that her son is more independent and doesn’t need her around she is wondering what to do.

Jill, Amy’s best friend from college has left NYC to live in the burbs with her husband and daughter. Jill was unable to conceive so they adopted a little girl from Siberia. She misses her friends.

Roberta was an artist who had made her big break when she took time off to have her two kids. She manages to put her passion as an artist into her daily life to do arts and crafts with her kids. Perhaps that could be a venue she could think about.

Karen is the homemaker of the group. She is married and loves the idea of staying home and not having to work which is a shame as Karen is a math whiz who could probably make alot of money if she choices to work. She does go on interviews but always turns down positions that is offered to her.

As excited as I was to read the book I found it hard to read at times. I thought at times things dragged on and it seemed like it was a long chapter then a short one etc. I decided that perhaps in a few months I will pick it up to read again and maybe I will be able to enjoy it more.

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