**Run For Your Life Review

PUB DATE: February 2009

As everyone knows I am a huge James Patterson fan so when Miriam sent me this book I was dying to read it. Thank you so very much Miriam.

In 2007 we were introduced to a new cop in town named Mike Bennett. The book was Step On a Crack. Mike is a NYPD Detective. By day, he’s a cop to the people of New York and by night, he’s a single dad to 10 young children whom he adopted with his late wife, Maeve. She died over a year ago. Life as a single parent definitely isn’t easy and he couldn’t do it without their nanny, Mary Catherine and his grandfather, Seamus will help out in a jam.

The book opens up with most of the Bennett children sick with the flu. Mike decides to take a day off to help Mary Catherine, but its short lived when he’s assigned to an urgent new case. An audacious killer who calls himself The Teacher is gunning down victims in broad daylight. He’s carefully planned every last detail of his mission—right down to his checklist of victims.

In one single afternoon, a man has walked into the Ralph Lauren flagship store and shot a clerk. Mere hours later, a man calmly entered 21 and shot the maitre’d . In a possibly-related incident earlier that day, a well-dressed businessman knocked a woman off a subway platform into the path of a train.

It doesn’t take long for Mike to realize that these three acts are somehow related and that they are all perpetrated by the same man. The killer is calling himself The Teacher. He’s provided the press with a mission statement and it details his reasoning and he explains why his actions are to better the quality of life in New York. Mike and his team hit the ground running, trying to catch this guy before he kills again.

I have to stop myself before I give the story away. If you are looking for a page turner then let me suggest this book to you. Its book two in the series so its easy to catch up on the whole Benette history. You don’t have to read the first book to get the story but its always nice to.

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